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Governor thanks President

Sunday, February 16, 302 AP
Web posted at 1715 UST.

Utania has a new President, after the UEC confirms that yesterday, challenger Governor Hope outpolled the President winning 22 electorates worth 84 electoral seats, over the President's 18, worth 69 electoral seats.

Presidents Hope, once again The Utanian Electoral Commission (UEC) has just released the results of the country's first Presidential run-off election between President Okarvits and Governor Hope, confirming the Governor's victory.

While there remains several seats where counting of votes is incomplete, not to mention thousands of postal votes from around the world outstanding, the UEC were definite in their announcement that Governor Hope had secured victory in the marginal seats of Vela Luka, Utan-Nystos and Utan Krysaror, and thus an 84-69 victory overall.

Voters have their say

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