Quick Facts (all for 299ap):
Annual Profit:Û6.1bn
NB; ChC1.00 = Û3.00
The Belson Foods division accounts for 90% of revenue and 90% of the employees.
The Belson Properties group employs 2,500 people to manage some Û3bn in assets being shopping malls, factories and warehouses.
The Belson Transport division owns 1,000 km of railtrack, 31 engines, 600 goods carriages, and earns Û2bn and employs 10,000 men to run it all.
The Belson Insurance is a new venture that has cost Û375m to date, employed some 3,000 people yet generated Û120m. Still Belson corporation is convinced it will yield dividends now the country is independent.

Did you know? The Belson Charitable trust gave away almost Û90 million to under-privileged children and their families last year?

Did you know? There is over 280 products produced by the Belson corporation? From canned fruits to muesli bars.

Should you wish to apply for employment with the Belson Corporation, you should write to the corporate employment manager at the following address:

Belson Corporate Employment
1a Royal Ascent Street,
Luka Central 03001


Welcome to the website of Utania's oldest corporation! The Belson Corporation are the country's foremost producer of food products, feeding Utanians and Guwimithians since 234ap.

The Corporation produces over 280 different food products, and is divided into four major divisions: Belson Foods, Belson Property and Insurance, Belson Transport and Belson Food Exports.

The Company was formed by Alexander M. Belson in 234ap, as a small food products transportation company, transporting to Guwimith the produce of the Utanian farms. The company has since grown to be one of the world's largest privately-owned food production companies, with revenues in excess of thirty-six billion Utanian Pounds, and over one hundred and forty thousand employees.

Utimer Bread and grain products This year, grain products rose in revenue by over 20% with the release of market controls, thus allowing Belson to export to not only Guwimith, but other countries around the world. Revenues by the Belson Foods group overall posted a healthy 8% rise and a 13% rise in profits. Chief Executive David Kostanoff said that he anticipated "continued significant growth in the foods group over the next two years". However, he warned, "the deciding factor in the future of Utania's food industry will be the government's approach to land reform and taxation policy".

The Corporation is also renowned for its philanthropy, sponsoring the Belson Foods Luka Golf Open, funding the Belson Charitable trust, and providing sporting equipment to under-privileged through the the "Belson School Sports Program". Our staff are committed to helping make this country the fairest and most fun of them all!

Belson Properties owns over 300 shopping centres and other properties in Utania, South Bay and Guwimith. However, the group has faired poorly this year. Aside from dropping revenues due to the collapse of the Guwimith Tsarist Regime, and damage to properties due to street fighting in some suburbs of some towns and cities in Utania, the properties in South Bay may have been lost due to the uncertain political situation there. Chief Executive Charles Warton said "We will be working closely with the Utanian government to recover the lost properties." Belson Property Group

The Company was formed by Alexander M. Belson in 234ap, as a small agricultural products transportation company, taking the raw materials from farms in the south of the Guwimith Dependencies, namely modern-day Utania, and transporting them to Guwimith Island for processing, packaging and reselling to the Guwimithian population. Belson, himself, educated on the island, had numerous contacts on the island to take advantage of, and soon found his business booming.

In 246 AP, Belson's company gained Imperial License to produce the food products in Luka, and the Belson Foods label was born. Mr Belson died in 257, handing his empire to his son who corporatised and offered the company on the Guwimith stock exchange, in 273, and then the Luka exchange in 281. Despite, in 275, being forced to offer 100 million shares to the Emperor Dusko I, the Belson family and heirs retain control of the company, holding over 142 million of the 315 million shares available.

Today, the chairman of the Board is Mr Mark J. Belson, son and heir to his Grandfather's grand industrial empire, who assumed control upon his father's death in 290. The twelve Board members include the cream of Utanian corporate talent, four Guwimithians and three Utanian government appointees. (The Utanian government inherited the Tsar's 100 million shares in the company.)

Who Owns The Belson Corporation?

The Belson Corporation is owned by it's shareholders, all 2,490 of them. The former Tsar of Guwimith, though once a shareholder, is no longer. Instead, his 100 million shares have gone to the Utanian Federal Government.

The Belson Corporation has over 300 million shares registered between two Stock Exchanges: 170 million in the Luka Stock Exchange (LSX) and 145 million in the Guwimith Stock Exchange (GSX). The Shareholders are from all sections of the international community, though the largest are, of course, the Belson family.

The major stock holders are as follows:
Utanian Federal Govt . . . 100m
Belson Family Trust . . . 80m
Mark J Belson (Chairman) . . . 62m
George S. Gordain . . . 22m
William Saronoff Trust . . . 13m

Shares are currently trading at Û138.40 (or ~46.1 Christiana Crowns) giving the company a market capitalisation of almost Û43.6 billion (CC14.5bn)

Summary of the Annual Report:
Overall, the Belson Corporation has had a good year considering the collapse of the Guwimith central government, and the invasion by forces friendly to Utanian independence. Minor losses have been recorded against the properties group, and some uncertainty remains as to the assets in South Bay.

Should you wish a copy of the annual report, please write to the Shareholder affairs Office, at the following address:

15 Royal Ascent Street,
Luka Central, 03001

Did you know? The Purple and Cyan colours of the Belson logo were to honour the Tsar, whose family colours were the same.

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