On January 11, you will be asked to choose between candidates for the Presidency, between the future and the past, to choose the destiny of this country.

Governor Hope stands for the future of this country. He is dedicated to bringing prosperity to the nation, to capitalize on the potential of the country, to bring prosperity to the corners of the country, to ensure that all can participate and prosper in this new age of our nation.

This country needs someone with a determination to bring hope to the farthest corners, to bring encouraging news, to provide REAL hope, to provide REAL jobs, to bring the fruits of the country's prosperity to ALL the people of the country.

The answer to all these questions, the man this country NEEDS to lead it through the promised land is Edward R. Hope; the man who has brought prosperity to the Utani and Uta-Decashi of Lasanne state alike; the man who provided jobs, and growth in wages; the very same man that will be standing on January 11th, waiting for the opportunity to set things in this country right.


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