Utania is the newest country in the list of Lonely Vexillium books (and to our knowledge the only to date) because the country is, at the date of publication, only seven months old. A former "Dependency" of the late Guwimith Empire, Utania is one of the world's most diverse tourist destinations, and is destined to be one of the best places on Vexillium to visit. Only, right now, it's a little rough about the edges.
     Utania has much to offer: from almost-year-'round skiing, and natural beauty of dense rainforests, to the fantastic ancient ruins of a powerful empire long gone, and the warm, clean beaches that also offer almost-year-'round sunning. The country is one of the most diverse climate regions on Vexillium: the tropical heat of the eastern seaboard, the near-deserts of the middle-west, and the highland snow-capped peaks of the mountainous Savana state, mean that everything is available within a thousand miles. Utania is also just a "hop, skip and jump" from Ptica Island, first of Vexillium's only remaining uninhabited lands, and easily accessed from Utania.
     In addition, Utania has one of the best-preserved ancient civilisations. The Savaj Empire ruled the Horn of Olives and further north into modern South Bay, Gvonj to the further north coast, and had outposts dotted around the region before the Great Plague. The Utani people thereafter became part of the Guwimith Empire until recently. These ruins have been lovingly maintained by the Utani people as their link to a better past, and will continue to be preserved by the range of Utani museums and galleries dotting the country.
     The 40 million inhabitants are nearly all Utani, fully or partially, save a minority of Uta-Decashi ("Foreigners") whose links to the Guwimith Empire have prospered them more than the Utani, providing a mistrust of some Uta-Decashi. Travellers shouldn't find this, provided they regard the Utani with respect and dignity. The Utani appear, in parts of the country, hopelessly poor, and travellers must resist strongly the temptation to try to reverse this by single-handedly donating too generously. The Utani are proud people, and are not beggars, regarding themselves wealthy in many ways that we foreigners are not. We exhort travellers to simply enjoy the culture of giving, or treasuring the spiritual simplicity of their lives, and take away from your experiences in Utania a deeper respect for these people, their culture and their fantasticly beautiful country.
Capital Utan Krysaror
Population Est. 41.4 million
Area 930,800 sq. Km
Official Languages Utani, Ingallish
Currency Utanian Pund (Û) = 100 cents (c)
GDP Est. C165 billion
(The exact size of the economy is unknown until the 301 AP census is completed)
Time GMT +0500 hrs

Map of Utania

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