Facts about Utania - 31

     Eating Utensils and pocket knife might be useful. (In Nystonia state, be aware that if a pocket knife is kept in your pocket, it could be interpreted as a "concealed weapon" if the police want to get heavy on you.)

Local Tourist Offices

Tourist offices will be available in most Utanian cities. Again the further west, the larger the city will have to be. They'll be somewhat well-stocked with maps, guides and helpful staff, but be aware that tourism is new to Utanians.

Tourist Offices Abroad

Once again, the same goes for tourist offices abroad, which will almost exclusively be in the Utanian Embassies in those countries that have them. If in doubt, ring the nearest Utanian embassy and ask where you can find information. They will invariably be only too happy to mail you out moderate quantities of material if you request it.


Utania is somewhat in a state of flux without an elected government, so the rules are subject to change, and check with the nearest Utanian Embassy for further information. At this stage, however, Visas are required for visitors from all countries, but they have varying durations. Passport-holders from Zartania, Whitlam and Christiana are automatically eligible for a tourist visa upon application, which will last up to three months. All other nationalities may find it a little harder, plus your tourist visa's have a duration of one month.
     If you wish to study in Utania, write to the nearest Utanian Embassy and ask them about long-term visas. These can be applied for after you have arrived, but you will need a statement from the college you will be attending. A Study visa can last up to two years.
     Work visas require sponsorship from an Utanian company, and are otherwise impossible to obtain.

Visa Extensions

Visas can be extended once for another three months/one month, and Utanian officials are particularly stringent about attempts to circumvent this.
  Utanian Embassies Abroad
Utania has several embassies abroad and can be checked via the Internet URL:
Greater Zartanian Empire
#5 Avenue of Nations, Imperial City, AA-0001-A
Niuemarktpalas, 35 Westgate Avenue, Midlburgh.
278 Park Avenue, Newton,
NT-12500 Ordland
Sultanate of Feniz
4 Republican Drive
St Kilda
Bank of St Kilda Banker's Residence
Foreign Embassies in Utania
Greater Zartanian Empire
17 Aranja Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror, 12002
Federal Republic of Whitlam
18 Aranja Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror, 12002
10 Aranja Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror 12001
29 Aranja Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror, 12002
73 Lanthore Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror, 12002

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