Facts about Utania - 35

Fax and Telegrams
Telegrams are still very popular in Savana and Utani B'yan, and are available at post offices. They are sent to any post office or address within the country, and cost about 20c per word. They can also be sent internationally at a cost of up to U1 per word, depending on the destination. Do check, however, with the receiving nation's telegram policy, as some countries may no longer accept telegrams. In that case, the post office will offer to send a facsimile.
     Telegrams can also be sent by phone by dialing 0900 Teleg(ram) (or 0900 83534). These cost the same as post office telegrams, and you will need to enter the total amount as coins into the telephone or use a credit card.
     Almost all post offices will send for you a facsimile for Û10/page nationally, or up to Û30/page internationally.


The Internet has not taken over in Utania as it has elsewhere in the world, as computers remain out of the economic reach of most Utanians. This is not the case so much on the wealthier east coast, where you will find Internet Cafes starting to flourish. Typical prices are Û10 to Û20 per hour, and will be cheaper outside the tourist areas. Some can be as low as Û5.
     Post Offices in Nystonia and Lasanne's major cities are said to be having internet ports installed for customers, and at the time of print, are expected to be Û12 per hour. In addition, an Utanian ISP is planning to offer an 0900 number which will allow tourists to log in to the internet without a password and surf the net with their own computer. This is expected to cost about Û25 per hour.


Most east coast Utanian newspapers are in Ingallish, but many others are in Utanian. The Luka Herald would be the best national newspaper, available for Û1 in Luka, and Û2 in the rest of the country. Utan Krysaror's newspapers are mostly in Utani, with the notable exception of "The Utanian". This is, however, a start-up newspaper and may not last so long yet.
     The best Ingallish language news magazine is "Zeitgeist". Though heavily an Utanian magazine, it does feature a strong section on international news, and is eminently readable and probably the best Ingallish-language resource for learning about current events in
  Utania. It costs a more hefty Û10, and is available internationally (Guwimith, Whitlam, Christiana and Westria) for about ChC 7.00 or equivalent.


Utania has seven government-owned television stations, and several more radio stations. The national Ingallish-language TV stations are TV1 and Channel 2, the former being a news and documentary viewing, and the latter being entertainment, including many foreign television programmes. There is an almost-national Utani language station, Amara-Nij Utani, which is educational for the non-Utanian as it offers several programmes in Ingallish describing the culture of the traditional Utani. This will be available in the major cities, and most other places.
     Cable TV has not yet come to Utania, though there is plans for this before the end of 300AP. Most major hotels will immediately begin subscribing, as they are dependent on Luka free-to-air television and in-house video until now.
     There is several national and regional radio stations available, transmitting mostly on the AM band (560-1700 kHz), but some, especially on the east cost, are on the FM band (90-110 MHz in Utania). Radio Utania is the national "news and views" broadcaster, available on 720 kHz and 95.3 MHz, which also has plans to commence international transmission. It already transmits into Guwimith region.


Travellers should find little trouble in using cameras in Utania, though it is always kinder to ask to take someone's photograph. Traditional Utani do not have the superstition about cameras stealing their souls, but may react as such if you fail to ask in situations, particularly funerals, special church services, or within the bounds of any of the Utani Palaces.
     A 36-exposure 100ASA film will cost between U10 and U15. Utania uses the Christianan standard for video and television.


Utania is five hours ahead of Christiana Central Time, and there is no daylight-savings time.

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