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Getting There & Away
Aij Utani is the national airline, and flights are relatively cheap for getting around the country. Internationally, there is only four places where Aij Utani flights can be caught to Utania: Guwimith City, Lochboer and Lukica in South Bay, and Gough in the FR of Whitlam. A flight from Gough, however, is not inexpensive at Û9400 (Chc3130), but the airline is of a reasonable quality. The airline is planning to expand significantly in the next few months, so visit their web site regularly for bulletins: http://www.AijUtani.com.ut
     Unfortunately at this stage, there are no other airlines traveling to Utania since the cancellation of the Auroro flights.
     Note, there is a departure tax from Luka airport (though curiously no others, as the airports are currently managed by the state governments).


There are no major routes available by ship, though ferries do cross the Guwimithian Straits to Luka once every couple of days. Contact Straitlines Corporation on +151 20 328 8090. Fares typically cost between Chc300 and 400.


Travelling into Utania by land is only possibly by traveling via South Bay. A road trip from Ailatl in Armatirion via the coast to Lukica in South Bay and then Ayana in Utania is about 2200km, and would take three days solid driving. The road through South Bay near Lukica is said to be relatively safe from domestic troubles at the moment.

Getting Around
Aij Utani is the national airline, and flights are relatively cheap for getting around the country. Flights range in cost from Û1800 (Luka-UK) to Û400 (Luka-Waitaki) (Chc 600 to 133), and though the quality of the service is not superb, it is reasonable enough.
       The airline can be contacted via the web at the address listed above, where flights can also be booked by internet. Aij Utani also have several offices about all cities. While it has some minor competition from smaller regional airlines, rumours abound that they are to be absorbed by Aij Utani anyway. Check with a local travel agent when you arrive in Utania.


Buses are the main mode, with trains, of traveling about the country. The main bus company is Roadways Utania, which has offices in all the major centres, and travels to pretty-much every major city or town in the country. The prices are very reasonable, averaging Û35 per hundred kilometres, making a Luka-Ujam trip about Û70 (Chc 23.00) for the three-hour trip, compared to Aij Utani's Û1400!
     Buses are popular modes of transport in Utania, and therefore, they run several times a day to a destination, though also meaning that there may be some wait before you can get a seat on a particular bus route. Advance bookings are available with major centre routes, but not between smaller towns, and while cheap, they can also be dirty modes of travel, not the standard luxurious coaches.
     Contact Roadways Utania in Vela Luka on +151 42 540 3000.


U-Rail is the government owned railways company, that offers freight and passenger travel within the country, and the government and opposition have both made it plain that they see rail as the key to growth in the country's future, so expect train travel to get better, cheaper and more available. A high-speed rail link between Utan Krysaror, Shecker, Vela Luka and finally Luka is planned for construction, and most major towns are already connected to the standard rail. In fact, in the Kanharan, Chiquiti and Tuaman parts of the country, that is the south-west, most villages will be no more than twenty kilometres from a Belson Corporation train station, which operates small, weekly passenger carriages to and from these villages. (This is because Belson Rail carries the country's wheat and grain for processing and export from these villages.)
     There is also a high degree of synergy between the rail and bus networks, so if you cannot get to the train station, there is invariably a bus traveling through or near that village to the nearest train station.
     Fares depend on the quality of seating, ranging from passenger class to first class, and the distance travelled. Like buses, they average about Û30 per hundred kilometres for passenger class, to four times that amount for first class. There are sleeper rooms available, for the first class price, though few trips will require it. Luka-Utan Krysaror is a thirteen hour train trip, and will cost Û1200 (Chc 400), which is almost the price of the Aij Utani flight.

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