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LSX Top 200
LSX Top 200 Index Up 16.1pts (5.0%)
LSX Hot Stock
Hot Stock of the week John Sands Building (JSB) are a booming construction company that has the Û90 million contract for a new steelworks in Nystonia state, and other big builds nationwide. Floating 30 million shares at Û1.00 three years ago, new management has invigourated the share price that fell as low as Û0.11 a year ago, they are now worth Û3.81 at last count -- a 3363% increase. The Û114 million company is destined for the big time!
The time has come

The time has come for the government to truly stimulate the economy and release the capital flow controls that currently restrict international investors from buying on the LSX. Not that this is about the LSX "making money" (we attract only a small fee from sales), but that the Utanian people simply deserve better, deserve overseas investment, to generate jobs.
This is the policy of the Conservative party, but the Liberal Nationalist Party as well as elements in the Democrats blocked the move when they controlled the Parliament, and now the Peoples-Utani Saedaj government is refusing to open the doors. Why? Because they are scared of development, or because they want to maintain control over the whole of the economy? No, because, like the LNP and the Democrats, they don't want to "rush things".
Well, now there is inflation beginning to boom because the exports we produce are making too much money and that money has to go somewhere: consumption and investment. Prices are rising nationwide unnecessarily because capital controls are too tight.
If only the country had the time to wait. Remember President Okarvits, its your own people who are starved of employment because you won't open the door to investment.
Stock Listing
Some of the stocks listed
BEL . . . . Û142.73
UYU . . . . Û 26.55 SVT . . . . Û  9.43 AKU . . . . Û 56.93 UTT . . . . Û 11.51 LGC . . . . Û 29.51 ANV . . . . Û 77.91 AJM . . . . Û 19.45 JSB . . . . Û  3.81 DAR . . . . Û  1.24

Belson Procrastination:
More procrastination from a government keen on it, this time over 100 million Belson shares listed on the Guwimith SX. They can't float them - the price will sink. Especially in struggling Guwimith. Their only option is sell them to large buyers.

D.A.R.E. Clothing:
The company built by two sisters, the marketing phenomenon, floated very successfully in July, and is now worth Û18.6 million. Not bad for a former underwear manufacturer.

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