JPG, GIF and other image files

This site contains numerous photograph images in JPG and GIF format that may, in fact, be copyrighted by other parties elsewhere. These images have been used in the "free spirit" of the internet, that is, this is only a personal site and no income, let alone profit, is make from any of this. These have been sourced from a great variety of sources, and no records have been kept.

So, if the image legally belongs to you, and you are not prepared to allow it to be used on this site, then please contact me directly at and we can have it removed.

Why use pictures at all? Because a site without pictures would be a boring site indeed, non?

Images of Public figure to represent Vexillium characters

Certain images of people have been used so as to imply that the image is the person being referred to. Again, these have been used purely in the spirit of the internet, for non-profit purposes. Also, I have been particularly careful to use ONLY public figures.
NO inference should be taken from ANY of the associations that are drawn by this site. That is to say that although it might show a picture of Boris Becker next to the headline "Sergei in trouble from tax department", SHOULD NOT imply that I have anything to say about Boris Becker.

Again, if there is issues of image copyright, that is, of the actual image, see above.
In addition, should the person involved find grounds for objection to their "image" being used in this way on this site, please
contact me about having it removed. Um, no crank e-mailers, thanks. We know who you are.

Again, I would stress that the images of people are only meant to serve as a... suggestion of what the Vexillium character would look like. On Vexillium, the people look like little green men to Earthlings, and since all we little green men look alike to you humans, we must use Earth-based public figures to provide an suggested look for the character. ;-)

How do you choose the people? Good question.
Ultimately, they have been chosen on the basis that they "look" like the person in the back of my mind. But, sometimes it doesn't completely fit. For example, Mario Cuomo as Gov. Hope was not my first choice. I have a single paper cut-out of the guy who, to me, looks like Hope, but I don't know who he is. Cuomo was the next closest (and believe me I searched high and low!), but he has too "friendly" a face to be an arch-conservative. Ever noticed that conservatives smile less than their leftish friends? (Al Gore/George Bush excepted. Talk about role reversal!) ;-)

As for the rest, guess who they all are. Anyone really stuck should email me.

Author copyrighted materials.

Finally, the material on this site is copyrighted by the author, Mike Ham, except where there is a pre-existing copyright, such as photographic images, other images, material copyrighted by other authors of Vexillium, including the game creator and Über-author, Edward Mooney.

All rights are reserved.

However, once more, in the spirit of the Internet, and in the spirit of the Vexillium, use is permitted of character names and other copyrighted material in Vexillium context. For other purposes, rights are limited on a permission basis.

In other words, if you're part of Vexillium, free use is permitted, otherwise seek the site author's permission through:

I think that covers everything. Please, feel free to let me know if it doesn't. Not that I am seeking to over-legalise the internet. I am happy enough to live in the spirit of the internet: If it's non-profit, it's free-for-all.

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PS; Is it obvious to anyone yet that this is a fictional planet?