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Release: June 15, 301 AP.

Rebels demand language change in Rovens

The Pataki Communist Party (PCP) and Pataki Peoples Army (PPA) representatives
at peace negotiations are demanding that Rovens drop Guwimithian as the
official language of Rovens.

The Peoples Republic of Rovens has been negotiating with the PPA since before
the March 1st agreement for a military truce. The PPA controls almost a third
of the country as the Pataki Peoples State, which the Rovens government wants
to see reintegrated back into the main Rovens state.

RIM has learned that in the past few days the PPA negotiators have laid down a
requirement for the reintegration: dropping the language "Guwimithian" as the
national language, replacing it with Basala Pataki and Ingallish.

It is a suggestion certain to raise the ire of the estimated three million
ethnic Guwimithians whose wealth fuels the poverty-stricken Peoples Republic.
They have already promised to block any attempts to marginalise them within
Rovens, and the PIMR government remains in fear of the Guwimithian-dominated
Rovens Army.

It is not known whether the PIMR-government negotiators have accepted the
requirement for a language change, but they are likely to propose a negotiated
settlement: all three languages as the official languages of Rovens.

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