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Rovens getting inexorably poorer - Economist

An economist from a conservative think-tank has predicted the economic
situation in Rovens to worsen, straining the PIMR-lead government even further.

The economist, Professor Daniel Wesley, of the conservative Utanian-based "Luka
Institute" has predicted the economic situation in Rovens to worsen, and
poverty to take hold particularly amongst the east-coast Guwimithians.

While he admits he has not performed a robust economic assessment of the
country, sue to a distinct lack of "decent" information and statistics from
Rovens, he maintains that his prediction is based on fact. He cites the up to
C10 billion in subsidies or trade that poured into the Guwimithian colony
annually during the 290s, that have since dried up. The funding was in
infrastructure, investment and military activity against the communist

"There were 60,000 Guwimithian troops in the region that required feeding,
clothing and arming, much of which came from the local economy. There was
small-scale oil refining, arms manufacture, and all paid for by the Guwimithian
government to fund the war against the communists.

"In addition, the Guwimithians were adamant they would not allow their colonist
brothers go poor, so they supplemented their income. They built roads and
factories for the colonists to manage, and the economy was positively booming.

"But, now", Professor Wesley concludes, "all that subsidising is gone, and it
may have already decimated the east-coast economy by as much as C15 billion, or
one-third of the Rovenian economy."

Professor Wesley points to the known facts: factories lying idle in Rovens,
both for arms manufacture and other things. Imports of luxury items has also
all but dried up as, he says, the local Guwimithians cannot afford to buy such
items anymore. He says the Guwimithians, as a proud people, are largely hiding
the devastating effects of the enforced contraction of their economy.

"I think we may see political upheaval in Rovens because of this, without
significant and decisive action by the international community to prevent it."

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