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Release: June 24, 301 AP.

Rovens communists warily support Premier Taraer

Piers K'nossa, Secretary of the Pataki Communist Party in Rovens, has told
reporters that the Pataki Peoples Army rebel state is "reacting cautiously" to
the news that the Communist Party has split in Archenar.

The Communist Party has split into communists supportive of a "fourth reign",
that is, returning the country to its spiritual and nationalist roots, renaming
it Trinia and re-empowering the religious "Houses" of before the Angliyaa
occupation, and the Socialist Federalist Party opposed to such regressive

Mr K'nossa said his own party has "allowed some limited nationalist fervor" to
infuse into the rebel state's governance and culture, noting that communism was
not a universally applicable substitute for culture and that it must be
"locally infused" or it will be unsuccessful.

"Communism is a political belief structure, a form of faith that holds that the
workers of the world must be empowered, and equals of the capitalist, not a
universal culture or religion". However, he warned that "all people must
understand that the aims and principles of communism should never take a
backseat to nationalism or nationalist culture".

He said he knew little about the Achenari experience, but thought that any
overthrow of the old colonial system was "probably for the better". He said he
was "profoundly disappointed" that the cost of this modernising and
"culturalising" of Achenari communism was at the cost of the unity of the
Communist Party.

He said he would at the International Communist forums encourage the Socialist
Federalists to "continue in the good work" of the communist cause by supporting
the Fourth Reign-ers in all their anti-capitalist legislation, and not let
their opposition to "one issue" cause paralysing of the communist government.

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