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Release: July 6th, 301 AP.

Negotiations with communists "get bogged"

Negotiations between the PIMR government and the Pataki Communist state are
slowing to a halt, say insiders, over the continued role of the communists in
the Pataki region.

The PIMR coalition government negotiations with the Pataki Communist state,
which controls the north-western quarter of the country, are reaching a
stalemate, say insiders, after President K'yonte announced that negotiations
would momentarily halt for a two-week break.

"Negotiations are going badly with neither side able to accept the other's
power base", said one insider to the negotiations. "There will be no going
forward if the communists don't accept that Rovens is a nation that exists on
its own, and that they are not a separate nation merging, but a region

Rovens' PIMR coalition government is dependent on Communist party support to
survive elections which will be held once an agreement is settled with the
communist state, which some say represents a conflict of interest. The Pataki
Communist Party is a core party in the PIMR coalition, and represents a more
moderate view than the hardliners in the Pataki Communist administration lead
by communist "foreign minister" Rhosei Penyassa, who regards the state of
Rovens as a "plot by Guwimithian landowners to take over the Pataki people and
lands". Piers Gnossa, Secretary of the Pataki Communist Party in Haastadt, the
Rovenian capital, and in Pataki itself, is a moderate, accepting that Rovens is
here to stay.

The negotiations began in March after the Rovens government ordered a truce
between the communists and military, much to the annoyance of the military.

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