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Release: July 19th, 301 AP.

Communist state Foreign Minister Penyassa assassinated

Rovens has been shocked to learn that the high-profile, die-hard communist Minister in the
Pataki Communist State, Rhosei Penyassa, has been assassinated.

Penyassa was giving a speech to twenty thousand workers and others in the town square in
Kpotha in the country's non-coastal eastern farming and industrial belt, and area where
high unemployment is gripping tight. Just as the charismatic and powerful speaker began,
several shots from a silenced machine-rifle cut him down. The corner of an abandoned
building in the town square then exploded showering the town square with debris, as the
assassin killed himself.

Penyassa was the much-loved Foreign Affairs Minister of the rebel Pataki Communist State,
having served in a variety of positions in the rebel government of the Pataki rebel state.
He had been the philosophical sub-commander in the Pataki Peoples Army, a talented guerilla
leader, and more recently a key architect of the Pataki-based rebel state administration.
His death will not only remove a significant hard-line influence in the Pataki Peoples
Army -- which is in negotiations with the Rovens government for reintegration into
mainland Rovens -- but a significant player in the running of the communist state in

Penyassa was also a strong opponent of the reintegration of the communist state into
Rovens, saying that the Pataki people had achieved great progress as an independent,
albeit rebel, state, and should be allowed to continue. Unfortunately, Haastadt could not
permit this -- the UNVCOCN mission supported independence for Rovens only because the PIMR
government was prepared to negotiate the reintegration of the communist state. So it is
that the immediate thoughts of commentators and aggrieved communists is that the
government ordered the assassination.

Piers K'nossa, Secretary of the Pataki Communist Party (PCP), and effectively President
of the rebel state, despite being a member of the PIMR government, has condemned the
assassination as an "act of political terrorism", but has stopped slightly short of
canceling negotiations and walking out of the PIMR government.

President K'yonte has ordered a "top-level investigation" by the Haastadt police to
determine who the assassin was and why Penyassa was killed.

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