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Pataki Communists quit Rovens government

In response to the assasination of their beloved foreign minister, Rhosei Penyassa, the
Pataki Communist Party has quit the PIMR government plunging Rovens deeper into crisis.

Rhosei Penyassa was Foreign Minister for the rebel Pataki communist state, maintaining
contact with numerous communist countries and organisations worldwide. His most recent
letters have been to the communists of Achenar, warning them of the consequences of using
democratic principles that would undermine their people's state. His position of Foreign
Minister was the greatest affront to the Rovens government, implying that the rebel state
had international legitimacy, and was prepared to "go it alone". Certainly Penyassa
preferred that talks with the Rovens government to reintegrate the rebel state into Rovens

However, on Thursday afternoon, Penyassa was assassinated by a seemingly lone assassin who
suicided immediately afterward. While the assassination sparked rioting nationwide, Piers
K'nossa immediately condemned the act as "political terrorism", stopping short of publicly
accusing the government of ordering the assassination, but privately saying precisely that.
Now, his Pataki Communist Party, a key member of the PIMR coalition government, in an
emergency sitting of the party congress, has voted to formally withdraw from the coalition,
and to cancel negotiations with the PIMR government.

By withdrawing from the coalition will be enough to plunge the country into further
political crisis. The support of the PCP was crucial to the political success of the PIMR
government. The government will now be a few seats short of majority. President K'yonte's
political authority is also severely undermined, and he is now expected to stand down on
Tuesday when the provisional Parliament reconvenes. However, no one appears to have any
idea as to who could replace the talented but beleaguered K'yonte.

It is not known whether the PCP delegates will withdraw from the provisional parliament.
If so, they will effectively withdraw the Pataki region from the state of Rovens, an act
of sedition, an act likely to see the forty year rebellion turn to war again.

What is required is a convincing investigation into the assassination, one that will reveal
the conspirators, if there are any, an investigation independent of the political divisions
that cross the nation. Few expect that such can be achieved in Rovens.

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