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Violence continues in Rovens

For a second day, rioting has taken hold of the streets of Rovens as the crowds protesting
the assassination of respected communist leader, Rhosei Penyassa, grow by the day.

Rioting has claimed at least a dozen lives so far in Rovens, as clashes between police
and protesters grow increasingly violent. Police used tear-gas and water cannon in several
cities, and have been stretched to beyond their capacity, according to the Police
Commander in Chief. He has advocated the calling in of the army to help quell the riots,
but the government has so far refused.

Two police have thus far been killed in accidents surrounding the riots. One policeman in
Ojomo was killed when a flaming and speeding police vehicle, fleeing molotov-cocktail
throwing rioters, crashed into a building. The second was killed by an exploding and
overturned vehicle firebombed by rioting workers in T'jomapai. Several dozen protester
casualties have been recorded by major hospitals near the rioting, including several
deaths from gunshot wounds.

What has surprised authorities most has been the 10,000-strong communist protest in the
ethnic-Guwimithian city of Burgsvik. The country's Guwimithian population are notoriously
right-wing, so such a peaceful but defiantly communist protest has taken authorities by
surprise. The protest was without incident, with thousands of red flags waving in the wind
as the protesters marched down the city's main thoroughfare.

Slogans in Guwimithian called on President K'yonte to step down, a slogan unlikely to find
much opposition amongst even right-wing Guwimithians. They are increasingly calling on the
President to step aside for failing to deal to the violence and protests more forcefully.

"He is destroying this country", said a Guwimithian woman in Bolgrad. "There will be no
country left after him", claimed another. The pressure is mounting on the President to
take forceful action to quell the violence, something he has already told reporters he
does not want to do -- he wants to "ride it out". But the protestors no longer believe
they have an ally in President K'yonte, and they are prepared to protest until there is
a change in leadership.

Meanwhile, the country burns.

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