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K'yonte comes out fighting!

Roven's President K'yonte has come out fighting in a special session of the country's
National Assembly, defying his critics and saying that the country is "far from finished".

Rioting began on Friday evening after the Thursday afternoon assassination of a much-loved
communist party official, and chief-architect of the near-independent communist state in
the country's north-west. Police have so far failed to quell the violence despite the use
of tear-gas and water cannon, and have been resorting to shooting protesters, further
inflaming the situation. So far, sixteen protester and two police deaths have been

The protesters accuse President K'yonte of masterminding the assassination in order to
clear the way to reintegrate the communist state into Rovens, something the martyred
Penyassa strongly opposed. President K'yonte has also been severely criticised for not
declaring martial law against the protesters, but he says that will simply reinforce the
idea in the protesters' minds that he and the Army are synonymous.

Today, the President came out fighting in a special session of the country's (provisional)
National Assembly. He ordered the Army to remain in barracks "under all circumstances" and
said martial law was a "stupid idea" because "the armed forces have absolutely no role to
play in this current civil disorder".

However, the more likely reason is that he and many others in the government coalition
fear that the Army, once called into action in this domestic unrest will simply assume
command of the government in a coup d'etat.

He said that the government "must restore order through the civilian instruments", namely
the over-powered police. He downplayed the riots saying that while the disorder appeared
devastating, the actual damage was "not as bad as it seems", a claim scoffed at by police
and industry groups.

"These rioting few, these seeds of chaos and destruction are only destroying the very
fabric of society that they claim to love so much. They are little more than thugs and
bullies, attempting to introduce government by the club or molotov cocktail... But as
long as we, the dedicated majority, who see through their ruse, stand united and defiant,
there is nowhere for them to run to and nowhere for them to hide!"

Political analysts say that the President is fighting hard for his political life, and
that moves are already afoot in his coalition party -- albeit minus the communists who
are not attending the special session of the Assembly -- to oust him.

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