RIM (Rovens Independent Media)
Release: July 25, 301 AP.

President K'yonte survives no-confidence motion

The first attempt to oust Roven's President K'yonte by members of his own
government (PIMR) coalition has failed, but the President is looking weakened.

Since Sunday, the Rovenian National Assembly is meeting in daily emergency
sessions to hear the President's reports on the state of the nation. Since
Friday night, rioting has taken control of many citys' streets, but the rioting
has apparently died down, with the country's major unions instead calling for
nation-wide strikes to continue until the government acts to find the culprits
behind Penyassa's assassination.

The provisional Assembly is currertly missing 53 delegates, all from the Pataki
Communist State region. Three representatives of the region, not from the
Pataki Communist Party (PCP), have continued to attend the Assembly, but have
resigned from the PIMR coalition. This leaves the remaining 98 members of the
PIMR coalition, and 23 opposition members. A motion was submitted to the
Assembly to remove the President with a secret ballot. Despite the voting
anonymity, only 13 members of the PIMR coalition voted against the President,
making the vote to remove the President 36-85.

"The stories of my political death are greatly exaggerated", the President
triumphantly announced to waiting press after the vote. He emphasised that his
policy of waiting out the rioters had succeeded, and that the unionist protests
would also fade once the protesters understood that the majority supported the
PIMR government.

President K'yonte was angry though that commentators and right-wing opposition
members had written him off so soon. He said that the lack of faith that "these
people" had in the future of the country, and in the leadership, was "a
national disgrace".

"They should simply surrender to the forces of chaos and disorder and leave
this country to those who WANT to build it up, and who WANT to see it succeed!"

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