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Weissman popular, right, Gottlieb trusted -- Poll

A political poll in Rovens has shown the Finance Minister Adolph Gottlieb might
be a "dry economist", but he is one of the most trusted politicians in the
country, even moreso than the President.

The major telephone poll bothered 3,000 voters from non-communist Rovens asking
them who they trusted amongst their major political leaders, who they would
prefer to see as President, their voting preferences, and their preference in
dealing with the communist rebels.

The poll was a ringing endorsement of President Weissman's strong stand on the
communists, with 47% of voters saying they agreed with the President, 29%
disagreeing and 24% unsure. However, they were not as convinced they trusted
the President.

Only 46% of voters said they "trusted" the President. Yet, this is higher than
the level of trust of the country's former Presidents: Kope scored 37% and
K'yonte scored 44%. Others listed included fascist Colonel Nazdratenko (16%),
DUP leader Armande Dupont (39%) and Janomi Kontoy (42%).

But, of most interest that is likely to scandalise the President's "Green
Coalition" government is that Finance Minister Gottlieb is considered one of
the most trusted politicians, scoring a commanding 57% on the trust scale!

This comes despite the Minister sacking 140,000 government workers in the past
month, slashing government spending and cutting services, closing hospitals and
schools, increasing class sizes and generally further devastating the economy
to bring the government's budget back into the black.

"This might be the case, but Gottlieb has been quite open about having to do
so, about how necessary it is", says Haastadt Herald political analyst Kyle
Jordan, "and people, I guess, respect that." He adds that many of the
government cuts have not yet been "truly felt" by the population, and Gottlieb
may yet suffer a backlash.


Yet, despite being trusted, he is not a prefered candidate for President. Asked
to choose their preference, 37% said they would vote -- were it possible -- for
President Weissman, ahead of Gottlieb (11%), PIMR's Janomi Kontoy (26%), former
President Kope (17%), fascist Nazdratenko (6%), communist K'nossa (4%) and
former President K'yonte (2%).

Voters also strongly endorsed President Weissman's Democratic Reform Alliance
(DRA) party. The Party won 7% of the non-Pataki vote in the February election,
but now 13% of the polled voters said they would vote DRA.

Despite this, 20% of voters said they would vote for the leftist PIMR Alliance,
9% for Kope's PPG, 9% for the right-wing DUP, and 11% for the fascist Liberals
or Loyal Nationalists. A massive one-third of polled voters were decidedly
"unsure" who they believed could lead the country forward.

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