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Release: March 22, 301 AP.

Rovens PIMR govt to prosecute Guwimith regime's servants

With significant support from the General Assembly of Rovens, President Matthias K'yonte is pressing ahead with controversial plans to prosecute those who conspired with the Guwimithian regime to commit atrocities against the peoples of Rovens.

The few non-PIMR members of the assembly from the former Port of Olives province walked out on the announcement from President K'yonte, and declared to waiting press the disdain for the trials.

"This will raise the ugly head of the previous regime once again, things that should be left buried and forgotten", declared Sergei Koslanikov, spokesman for the dissenting Assembly Members. They have support in the former province, many of whom regard the old regime as "not perfect, but stable". More vocal wealthy residents claim that the Army Officers and landowners in the Justice Department's sights were "only following orders from the palace", and should not be prosecuted.

Despite this, there appears to be significant support for the move. The Gvonj Cruistian Church, amongst others, has been pushing the government to act on the claims of over 2070 missing people during the final five years of the regime. Various liberal and socialist parties in the PIMR coalition support the "cry for justice" and by overwelming numbers, poor rural peasants in Patak and surrounding areas are vocal in their support.

The "Cry for Justice" movement has gained great momentum in the past few months since independence, as the UNV administration was accused of not wanting to investigate the claims, a statement heavily denied by the UNV Mission Chief to Rovens, Douglas Fand. The Senior Minister in charge of the cases will be David Tohomas, the Minister for the Interior, a long advocate of the "Cry for Justice" movement.

He excitedly explained to the Assembly how the cases would be handled by the newly created Office of Investigations into Crimes against Humanity and Atrocities (OICHA). The new office will be headed by former constituational lawyer Ronald Looyen.

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