Rovens, Presidential Candidates, August 301ap

In August 301ap, protests and rioting after the assassination of popular communist, Rhosei Penyassa, lead to the resignation of President Mathias K'yonte. President K'yonte's replacement must now be chosen by the 174-member provisional National Assembly. Make-up of the Rovenian provisional National Assembly

Who would YOU vote for?

Each of the candidates is listed below with their answer to five questions, and their response in favour or opposed is noted by the size of the tick or cross:
1. Do you support immediate and unconditional elections?
2. Do you support an International panel to investigate the Penyassa assassination?
3. Do you support the abolition of the Armed Forces?
4. Do you support the immediate and FULL integration of Pataki into Rovens? (So, none of this "one nation, two systems" business.)
5. If so, do you support doing so with force if required?
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(The colour attributed to the party, from red to yellow to green to blue to purple, represents how left to right wing the party is.)

CoalitionPartyCandidate (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Amea Kope

Military or Defence Secretary under K'yonte, Kope is the lead candidate for the PIMR were it not for the fact that he, like K'yonte, is Gvonjian, and the accusation that he was too close to K'yonte's failings. Still, he is the man who almost single-handedly brought a truce to the nation after forty years.

Kope is a member of the economically moderate Peoples Party of Gvonj. Interviewed late March by Zeitgeist Magazine/RIM.
Janomi Kontoy

Speaker for the Assembly, and for the President, Kontoy is young and considered inexperienced, but she is an excellent communicator and is well-liked. She's a leftist with broad appeal but hasn't proven herself in any meaty ministry. She is ethnically Pataki/Guidarman (Guidarm is used to describe all non-Guwimithian, non-Utani immigrants, such as Altlandic, Namurian, etc..).
Yuri Kalin

Exterior Minister under K'yonte, Kalin is a Guwimithian leftist but economic conservative. He was opposed by the communists, and put in the Exterior Ministry to cultivate good relations abroad. Little has happened.
Juni Kpotha

Agriculture Secretary under K'yonte, and radical communist member from the Kpothan Communist party in PIMR. She supports vigourous land reform -- taking land from wealthy Guwimithian landowners and giving it to the poor, without compensation to the land owners -- and strong industrial investment by the government.

Unlikely to receive broad support, but could be a compromise candidate for the dissident Pataki Communists.
Johann Wiessman

Wildcard candidate from the moderate right-wing Democratic Reform Alliance. Wiessman has little experience other than running a Financial Corporation in the capital Haastadt. He brings with him the slightly more popular Adolph Gottlieb, who was executive in the Kpothan Timber Corporation, who has strong and favoured links with workers in the hinterlands.
Armande Dupont

Dupont is a peaceable rebel from the days of the Guwimithian regime. He was jailed numerous times as a youth, supporting the Guidarman farmers who could not get the same prices for goods as Guwimithians, and later founded the Guidarman resistance. Ironically, he also served four years in the Dependencies Defence Force. He is pro-farmer, a businessman who believes in hard work and perserverance, not subsidies and propping up of failing state businesses. Favours a separate state for the Pataki if that is what they support, but will take a strong-arm approach to civil disorder and the military. He supported bringing the Army in during the riots, but is a vocal opponent of theirs, and is seen as one of only a few who could bring the Army into line and truly reform it. Charles Van Hooven his deputy.
Piers Beyonna

Still not certain they want to be part of an integrated Rovens -- or perhaps fearful of another assassination -- the PCP have nominated a minor player in their party for the Presidency. Beyonna is a communist who served as Munitions secretary in the Pataki independent state.
Liberal &
Loyal Nationalist
Colonel Deniska Nazdratenko

Deputy: Zoran Yefetov.
Supported by a large number of Guwimithian voters, but few in the current Assembly, the Liberal Party is said to be simply a political front for the Army, while the slightly more moderate Loyal Nationalists is pro-Guwimithian. Both would support a militarist state, with government assistance for privately owned corporations. They would declare war on the Pataki communists tomorrow.

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