About the People's Republic of Rovens

The Flag of the People's Republic The Peoples Republic of Rovens is a nation of almost 24 million people situated close to the equator in the south-eastern portion of the Old Continent. It is covered in lush jungle, or sweeping plains, with a tall mountain range in the centre of the country, and surrounded by sea on two sides.

Five distinct people groups inhabit the country: the original inhabitants, the Pataki who live mostly in the west of the country; the K'pothan people of the Begral north who lived on the east coast as far west as the mountains; the original invaders, the Utani who settled in what they call Gvonj, in the country's south-west; and the Guwimithians who settled on the country's east coast, plus the various Teutons, Namurians, Ingallish and others they brought with them to also settle and pacify the lands.

These same five people groups now represent the common destiny of the country; five peoples forged into a single nation. It is the key to our flag: the brown for the K'pothan and Pataki original peoples; the green for the Utani who have made the country their home; and purple representing the Guwimithians and others who have done likewise.

There is no absence of difficulty, but the peoples that make up this land are strong, and the possibilities are endless for those willing to try. This is the theme of Rovens, the nation that is dedicated to a liberal, democratic, pluralist society and system of government, without inner boundaries or borders.

This is the future. It is available for the taking.

Map of the country is available from the statistics menu below.

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