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Cold in the south
The UMI is predicting some cold weather for the south of the country, particularly the inner, high altitude regions, but some wonderfully warm and settled weather in the north.

Navoomi can expect a continuation of the freezing conditions of the past few weeks with the UMI predicting yet another 15mm of snow in the next 24 hours.

The west, and Tuama-Koj will have bright, sunny weather conditions and a top expected of 21 degrees. This will apply to most of the region, with temperatures decreasing with altitude, and the further east and south we get.

The southern and eastern-most part of the country, from Agraam to Vela Luka, we can expect the left over of that cold snap from the south to keep afflicting us with only ten degrees overnight in the capital, thirteen in most other centres, and overcast much of the day. Agraam will have overcast conditions as the cloud passes by, while all other cities will have alternating overcast and sunny conditions.

Word of warning to Shecker, with the prevailing winds expected to be a mere 5 knots, it is a smog-day today. Remember to take your puffers.

As we get further north along the coast, conditions improve with Jostt enjoying sunny conditions and a maximum of 23 degrees.

While in Luka, the weather will be bright, sunny and clear skies. Overnight it will be quite a mild nineteen degrees, and twenty-six degrees tomorrow. Further inland it will be warm, sunny and perhaps a little more humid. Up the alps and we're getting quite a few degrees cooler, with Ujam expecting a top of 23 degrees for the day.