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The Utanian national team is organised, staffed and funded by the Utanian Football Association and represents the pride of the nation, when facing other national teams from around the globe.

The UFA is committed to presenting to the world the very best of Utanian football, of the thousands of teams, and thousands more players that are actively participating in this game that is nothing short of a national passion.


The national uniform used by the Crusaders embodies the team spirit. The ten-star portion of the Utanian flag features proudly in the centre of the uniform, with a red collar and sleeves, and the Utanian Cross on the top-right shoulder.


A twenty-two man squad is selected from the very best players nationwide, mostly from professional clubs, but eyes are always open.

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National Team Successes

As Utania is only a young nation, our national team's successes to date have been few. For a comprehensive list of teams we have played, games won... and games lost click on "Games Played" above.

Primary uniform, Utanian Crusaders

Alternate uniform

Primary uniform, Utanian Crusaders
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