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You have arrived at the site of the Utanian Football Association, the primary football organisation in Utania that is dedicated to promoting, funding, supporting and facilitating the game loved by all 48 million Utanians with a definite passion!

The UFA is a non-profit organisation supported, in part, by the generosity of the Utanian government's Department of Culture.

The UFA is also the body most responsible for the organisation of the Utanian national football team, the Crusaders.

This website

This website is designed to provide you with all you will need to know about the game of football in Utania. Click on "Football in Utania" on the right for more on that.

This site will provide the latest game data and information, the championship tables, and those for preceding years. See Results on the menu, left.

This site will provide information on all the teams in the UFA Championship. See Teams on the menu, left.
The UFA organisation

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