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Sponsorship is what the UFA does for numerous competitions and clubs nationwide.

We provide organisational experience through our long list of part-time consultants. We provide funds for clubs and for competitions to establish themselves. We provide the experienced people to train players, to develop talent and to provide opportunities to play in higher competitions for the truly talented players.

But, above all, we provide the structure and training so that participants can simply enjoy the fun!

That's what this game is all about: fun.

The UFA can:
  • Provide funding for your club for sports equipment, clubroom or stadium upgrades, competition funding,
  • Provide funding and/or organisational support for your competition,
  • Provide skills training from professional football trainers and players,
  • Provide competition advertising and host tournaments between competitions, and
  • Host school or after-school football clinics for kids of all ages, from 5 to 55.

Club Registration

And all your club needs to do to get maximum benefit from the UFA is sign-up alongside the 4,856 other clubs (at last count) who have done so.

It costs very little, depending on the size of the club. Most clubs of, say fifty members and thirty players, will only have to pay about Û50 to join the UFA, and the benefits faaar outweigh the costs!
UFA Services

But do I need to be a member of the UFA to benefit?

No, you do not. Membership of the UFA entitles clubs to participate in the management of the game nationwide. Your club can vote for the UFA Board, can suggest new directions for the sport, can put yourselves forward for the UFA-cup and have a chance to play alongside star players like Satura and Y'benya, West and the Ramali brothers!

But, as a non-member club, if you're a proven football club, the UFA offers various services to you, too.

Need equipment? Enquire of your local Support Manager, or ring 16 604 0140 to find out who your local UFA Support Manager is.

Want to upgrade the skills of your team? Again, the Support Manager is your man, or, phone 16 604 0300 for your nearest football skills clinic.

Your club is seeking to hold a football event, and you need funds to upgrade the stadium/clubrooms/scoreboard/whatever or for the footballing feast? Once again, your local UFA Support Manager is the best man for the job, or ring 16 604 0140 to find out who your local UFA Support Manager is, or call UFA Promotions on 16 604 0400.

Your school is seeking to hold a football clinic, and you want to have some of the country's star players there? Call the Promotions team on 16 604 0400.

Your club is seeking to hold a football clinic for the nearest club, competition or Support Manager.

You're an individual player or a small group, with no club? Phone 16 604 0320 for the nearest club, competition or Support Manager.

All free of charge.
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