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The UFA employs 536 full-time and over 2,600 part-time staff in various capacities across the organisation, with the job still being fast-paced and fast-moving.

From facilitators, to finance, coaches to organisers, the staff of the UFA are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the company: to promote football.

Our annual wages bill amounts to over Û23 million!

Plus, with the recent addition of TV UFA, the organisation has added another 120 full and part-time staff from operations staff to cameramen to technicians.


The organisation is divided into three main focal groups: Support, Promotion and Sports Management.

Support are responsible for providing support to the 4,856 teams registered with the UFA. We help them with funds, with organising themselves into non-profit clubs, organising competitions and play-offs with other clubs, and help with training and skills coaching.

There is a Senior Support Managers for each state as well as for the Championship and UFA Cup activities. They will have Support Managers for an area, each with their own coaching, training, and facilitating and organisational staff.

Support will also provide coaches and training skills sessions to clubs, kids football clinics to teach kids the basics of the game, and organise games and competitions between teams that don't know of eachother.

All free of charge, and often though clubs are not UFA members.

Promotions are in charge of promoting the game, not only through advertising, but through schools, football clinics and the clubs themselves.

The Promotions activities of the UFA are all designed to promote the game, to keep people fans of the game, and to turn fans into street players.

It is a section tightly linked with the Support activities of the UFA: If the clubs are providing solid competitions, then people will want to be involved.

Finally, there are the National Competition, the National team, the administration and financial activities of the UFA itself, and the management of the game's history, all regarded as part of the Sport Management section of the UFA.

TV UFA is regarded as a key component of the latter: TV UFA will keep a long-term record of almost every game ever played, not only for the historians, but for enthusiasts and fans alike.

Past heroes will be honoured, and those who provide exemplary skill, flair or sportsmanship will be remembered.

Robert Aranja is the most senior manager of the organisation, the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for managing the operations day-to-day, and for ensuring that the UFA stays true to its mission, as well as fulfilling the longer-term goals of the organisation.

No small task. But then as a former executive manager with the Kemeran Transport Corporation, and former managing director of the Luka Football Club, Robert is used to the pressure.

Robert was a former player for Utan Krysaror in the 70s, as a midfielder, but has had a far more successful coaching and club management career, he claims.

Richard Price is the aptly named Chief Financial Officer of the UFA, in charge of keeping the organisation in solid financial condition, and the liaison with the government and sponsors for sponsorship funding.

Dave Tohmes is the Executive Manager of Football Operations, managing the organisation's football championship and the UFA Cup. He also has a hand in directing the organisation's enormous efforts in providing support to the thousands of football teams nationwide.

Elizabeth Dempsey is the Executive Manager of Television Operations, managing the UFA's television branch, TV UFA. Elizabeth is a former Broadcasting executive from Television One and has served numerous years as an advisor to the state government of Lasanne on communications policy.

Marius Holt is the Promotions Executive Manager, which means that he is responsible for promoting the game nationwide.

Richard Motu is the Managing Director of National Football, specifically meaning he is the liaison internationally for the UFA. This means he is manager of the Utanian Crusaders.


We are always on the lookout for talented people who have an active passion for all things football and skills that we might need.

People with strong interpersonal and organisational skills are always in demand, particularly if you can add football training, coaching or other specialist skills to that, and have a clear ethical strength.

We are also actively seeking people with the above skills PLUS medical and/or sports physiotherapy qualifications and skills.

If you feel you have something to add to this organisation, please, drop us a line at the address below:

UFA Recruitment
PO Box 18, South Waverley
Utan Krysaror, 12105, UTANIA

The Utanian Football Association is an equal opportunity employer.
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