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Who's who?

Who's Who?

So, who is this Thomas Apuyu, or Amea Konja? What position does Don Fischer play? Who is Gordan West, and does he play for the Crusaders?

This is where to find out! People, listed by surname.


Lahsa Amante, forward for RFK Savaj Krysaror
Phillip Amakipa, Midfield/forward for Koltij UFA.
James Amara, Ploche Central's centre-defender.
Thomas Amayu, current coach for the Utanian Crusaders. Formerly coach of B'yantusu.
Phillip Antunya, left-midfielder for the Tuama FA Warriors
David Apuya, right-field defender for Isaston
Richard Apuya is the up'n'coming 17 year-old midfielder for Benmore.
Thomas Apuyu is a forward for RFK Virana.
David Arameay is a right-field forward for Koltij UFA.
Philip Aranja is left midfielder for Bathenne.
Robert Aranja is CEO of the Utanian Football Association (no relation to Phillip).
Amea Aratusu, striker for Utan-Savaj UFA
Michael Aratusu, Utanian Crusader's Sweeper, and Utan Krysaror central defender.
John Aretasuna, midfielder, Utan-Savaj UFA.
David Argyle, former President, Utanian Football Association. David has since retired.
Edward Artos, 34, Goalkeeper for the Utanian Crusaders and RFK Virana, formerly keeper for Nystos Central until 301ap.
Jason Atoha, forward, Nystos Central.
James Atosu, right-field forward for RFK Savaj Krysaror.
Dennis Ayres, goalkeeper, Bathenne.
Dale Ayu, right-forward, TFA Agraam.


Robert Ballard, right-foot midfielder, Waitaki.
Jim Bartlett, midfielder, Ploche Central.
Samual Belson, former-Utanian Crusaders back-up goalkeeper; long-term Luka Heights goalkeeper. Now trainer at Luka Heights.
Mark Bennett is RFA Geelong's right-field defender/midfielder.
Alex Berkannin, left-forward, West Heights.
Thomas Bexley, goalkeeper, Mulgrave RFC.
Roger Beyose is the chairman of the Utanian Football Association.
Alan Blohm, Hamilton defender
Louis Boekema, left-field midfielder, for Waitaki.
Jeffrey B'yara, B'yantusu RFC's right-field forward.


Charles Crossly, Luka Central forward.
Nolan Crossley, Coach, Nystos Central.
Edward Crossley, club Chairman for Luka Central.


Phillip Daley, Coach, Charleston CFC.
Ajana Dayama, striker for the Tuama FA Warriors.
Arama Dayama, left midfielder / defender, Vela Luka FC
Billy Dennis, Utanian Crusaders forward, and Geelong centre-forward
Roger Dwyer, left-field defender, Luka Heights FC


Chris Erunya, midfielder, Ujam Lions UFA.
David E'usu, defender, Banyasar.
Thomas Farrah, right-forward, Bentleigh.
Don Fischer, right-defender, Nystos Central
Thomas Flores, 23 year-old Utanian Crusaders midfielder, also plays for Utan Krysaror.
David Foster, Mulgrave forward.
Graham Gaddich, 33 year-old legendary midfielder for the Utanian Crusaders, as well as for Richmond.
Phillip Hoy, defender for RFA Geelong.


Kurt Jaagen, midfielder, Mulgrave RFC.
Goran Jackson, 21-year old Utanian Crusader's midfielder; also midfielder for Kanhara One.
Ian J'uen, defender, Vela Luka FC.

John Kapaya, Utanian Crusader's left-centre forward; and same position forward for Hamilton.
Thomas Karula, midfielder, Ploche Central.
Arron Karven, defender, Nystos Central.
David Kellup, right-forward, Vela Luka FC.
Jarama Kendol, Utanian Crusader's veteran forward; also Richmond's striker.
David Koenraadt, left-field midfielder, Charleston CFC.
David Komara, forward, Utan-Savaj UFA.
Amea Kopani, forward, Ayana UFA.
Damien Kopff, defender/midfielder, Shecker.


Arald Leyton, right-field forward, Utan Krysaror.
Ben Minchem, right-field midfielder, Vela Luka.
Korana Motu, goalkeeper, Kanhara One.
George Newton, retired former-coach Utanian Crusaders, et al.


Calvin Oste, goalkeeper, Letherington CF.
Thomas Paesa, forward, Utan Krysaror FC.
Amara Petopae, midfielder, TFA Agraam.
Amea Petopae, defender, B'yantusu RFC.
Seamus Quinn, 20-year old forward for the Lidcombe Blues.


Tony Rayner, Utanian Crusader and Utan Krysaror forward.
Andrew Ramali, Utanian Crusader and Luka Central centre-left defender. Brother of Phillip Ramali.
Jared Ramali, goalkeeper, Utan-Savaj UFA. Not related to the Ramali brothers.
Phillip Ramali, Utanian Crusader and Luka Central centre-right defender. Brother of Andrew Ramali.
Thomas Rico, Utanian Crusader and Benmore right-footed defender.
Phillip Ruttin, 27-year old Utanian Crusaders and Utan Krysaror goalkeeper. (Third keeper for the Crusaders.)


David Satura, champion 23-year old striker for the Utanian Crusaders and Luka Central.
Dennis Smith, midfielder, Luka Heights FC.
David Swann, forward, Charleston CFC.


Robert Taylor, Coach, Luka Central.
Robert Tepani, midfielder, Letherington CF.
Apeyu Tesuna, 18-year old up'n'coming midfielder, RFK Savaj Krysaror.
Geoff Tilley, 23-year old champion Waitaki midfielder.
Aaron Tosu, 24-year old left-field midfielder for the Utanian Crusaders; also Ayana UFA.


Jaram Uroja, Coach, Utan Krysaror.
Jarama Uroja, defender, Tuama FA Warriors.
John Uroja, right-defender, Ujam Lions UFA.


Barry Warton, defender, West Heights.
Daniel Warton, 31-year old goalkeeper, Utanian Crusaders and Luka Central.
Damien Welsch, forward, Letherington CF.
Gordan West, 29-year old captain of the Utanian Crusaders. West plays right-wing midfielder for both the Crusaders and Isaston.
James Wexley, right-wing midfielder and captain, West Heights.


Amea Y'benya, forward, Ploche Central.
James Y'benya, 18-year old champion striker for the Utanian Crusaders and Utan Krysaror.
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