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Utania's first football only television station is made available courtesy of the Utanian Football Association (UFA) and Starlight satellite television. It is available on channel 11 of Starlight.

It broadcasts 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, uninterrupted football from Utania and around the world.


While there have been concerns about Starlight being out of reach to ordinary football fans, this is not true. The economy deal from Starlight allows football fans to sign up for as little as Û400 initial set-up and Û380 a year.

In addition, not all games are limited to TV UFA. 25% of all games are available free of charge on free-to-air television, especially the critical or big ticket games.
What TV UFA does provide

What TV UFA DOES provide is the very best coverage:
  • Every game, all 480 of them. That's 960 hours or 32 hours every week of the season of non-stop professional football!
  • Games played live, by the minute, instead of in delay as on free-to-air TV,
  • All the analysis from the country's top sports journalists,
  • A round up of the international arena -- who played, who won, who lost and a sample of the best games from Armatirion to Zartania!
  • Back-catalogue: the fantastic ground-breaking games from the past no longer played on free-to-air

Why did the UFA create TV UFA?

TV UFA was created to provide the very best in football television while retaining control of the content for the benefit of generations of football fans to come.

As the UFA is a purely non-profit organisation, you can be assured that every cent made from TV UFA is ploughed straight back into the game that all Utanians love so very much.

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