Alpaca TH-1 Helicopter Project

The construction of a multi-purpose medium-lift helicopter for all services.
The Alpaca is the all-weather, "workhorse" medium-lift, transport helicopter co-designed by Utanian and Zartanian military engineers. Fifty were built in Zartania, and since then modest production capacity has been brought to Utania.
Medium-lift transportation helicopters have a wide variety of uses, from the transportation of 24 soldiers to a battlefield, picking up the wounded, to transport of supplies, and anti-submarine warfare.
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The Utanian-Zartanian Alpaca TH-1 multi-purpose medium-lift helicopter is designed primarily for use in the Navy and Coast Guard, as a naval patrol and ASW helicopter.

The Alpaca was co-developed by the Utanian and Zartanian industries as a medium size helicopter that could be put to use as a general purpose, all services helicopter, smaller than the Condor, but larger than the Silovsky s-92.

The Alpaca have been deployed to frigates, destroyers and will be to the Caimans for ASW operations Soon after independence, Utanian military authorities quickly recognised that the country's fleet of 44 aging and widely-varied helicopters would need replacement to standardise the fleet and reduce costs. UMAC began co-design with experienced Zartanian suppliers in 301ap, and the Alpaca was quickly born.

However, comparisons between the Silovsky S-92 and the Alpaca initially embarassed the government, until the Utanian Navy determined that the S-92 was too small for many operations, including Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and providing medium-lift support for resupply. The Alpaca has since become a standard aircraft aboard the Caiman warship. With a 29 cu.m cabin and 4.5 tonne cargo hook capacity, the Alpaca is to become regarded as the workhorse of the Utanian Navy, particularly for ASW and ship-to-shore operations.

ASW Alpaca model has an active dunking sonar, a 370 km range and speeds up to 278 km/h, and can carry four homing torpedoes or depth charges. The non-ASW version has a 309 km/h top-speed and 1,000 km range.

The Utanian Army has also employed some Alpaca helicopters Utania's army has also made use of a few of the Alpaca helicopters as medium-lift transport helicopters, as well as small troop carriers, carrying 24 troops in crash-attenuating seating that can be folded away for cargo or small vehicles.

The Utanian government initially placed an order with Zartanian manufacturers for fifty of the Alpaca helicopters at a cost of Û800 million, Û16 million apiece. Since then, production capacity has been developed in Utania, and there has been a small stream of the helicopters since then. However, with the majority of needs fulfilled, production rates are substantially lower than capacity would allow.

There is a ZC800,000 royalty owed to Zartania's government for each Utanian-built Alpaca exported.

Year Target Compl. Cost ea.
301ap 25 25 Û16m *
302ap 25 25 Û16m *
* Zartanian-built supplier
303ap 5 5 Û13m
304ap 10 10 Û12m
305ap 10 - est. Û12m
306ap 10 - Proj. Û12m
TOTAL 85 65 ~Û1.225 bn
Technical specifications:

Length:   22.8 m
Length (body only):   19.5 m
Width:   4.61 m
Height:   6.62 m
Cabin:   7.09 x 2.5 x 1.83 m
29 cu.m & 17 sq.m floorspace
Main rotor diameter:   18.6 m
Rear rotor diameter:   4.0 m
Power and Speed:
Maximum Speed:   309 km/h
Range:   1,000+ km
Range (ASW):   370 km
Max. speed (ASW):   278 km/h
Range:   1,000+ km
Weight capacity:   14.6 tonnes
Cargo hook:   4.5 tonnes
Crew and systems:
Crew:   Pilot; co-pilot; 2 mission system operators
Armaments (ASW):   4 torpedoes or depth charges
The Zartanian-built cost of the Alpacas was Û16 million each. Utanian production at UMAC facilities has brought this cost down to Û12 million per unit.
This design is entirely borrowed from the UK-Italian EH101 Helicopters, with a few minor modifications, in case anyone was thinking of poaching me to commence a career in aircraft design engineering.  ;-)