Scorpion APC Project

The Scorpion is a highly-engineered, fast-moving armoured personnel carrier designed to provide light, armoured support to infantry companies.
Utania's Scorpion Armoured Personnel Carrier carries on from development conducted by engineers of the Guwimithian Empire armed forces at a facility outside Luka. In conjunction with retained Guwimithian, Zartanian, and Utanian engineers, the Scorpion is the fruit of years of development work backed fully by the Utanian Government.
The Scorpion is a multi-purpose, all-terrain armoured vehicle designed to carry supplies and personnel, provide anti-aircraft cover or anti-tank defenses, or mortar or heavy-gun support to infantry forces. The APCs provide the backbone of Utania's increasingly mechanized infantry forces, strengthening the Army's defensive capabilities.
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Utania's Scorpion Armoured Personnel Carrier is a joint Utanian-Zartanian designed all-terrain armoured vehicle for use for infantry support in hostile battlefield environments.

The Scorpion is now fully Utanian-built with the Utanian government ordering a further 800 Scorpions, all manner of configurations, to increasingly modernise and mechanize mobile infantry units.

Scorpion with 25mm cannon turret The Scorpion's main weapon is the 25 mm dual-feed automatic cannon with a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun in a -10° to +50° elevation, 360 ° electromechanical turret. The 25 mm cannon has a 800 round per minute firing rate with up to 400 rounds stored internally.

As well as the basic Armoured Personnel Carrier, there are nine other possible Scorpion armament or equipment configurations:
  • 120 mm recoiling mortar, or 81 mm mortar,
  • Armoured ambulance, or armoured repair and recovery vehicle,
  • Command and Communications carrier, or logistics carrier,
  • Anti-aircraft missile carrier or AA gun system carrier, or
  • Anti-tank missile carrier.
A light tank version of the Scorpion with a 105 mm anti-armour gun is under development.

The Scorpion's light design gives it a 17.3 kW per tonne power ratio, thus the power to reach 48 km/h from zero in just 21 seconds. It has a top speed of 65 km/h on roads, and a 490 km range. Matching this with a 1.8 metre trench-crossing 73 cm vertical obstacle capabilities, and the ability to climb 60% gradients, and the Scorpion is truly a light-weight, all-terrain vehicle that can follow the battle where ever it may lead.

The gunner's station has a Day/Night sight with dual field-of-view thermal imaging with x2.8 and x8.4 magnifications, and an integrated laser rangefinder. The Scorpion is equipped with a Commander's day sight, a TV monitor of the Gunner's thermal sight and six unity vision periscopes.

Scorpion with 81mm mortar

The Utanian government originally ordered 400 largely Zartanian-built Scorpions at a cost of Û2.8 billion, and continued small-scale manufacture in Utania. However, since then, the government has ordered another 800 Scorpion APCs of varied configurations to strengthen and expand the Army's mechanized infantry forces.

There is a ZC350,000 royalty owed to Zartania's government for each Utanian-built Scorpion exported.
Year Target Compl. Cost ea.
302ap 200 200 Û7m *
303ap 200 200 Û7m *
* Under contract with Zartanian suppliers
304ap 40 37 Û5.6m
305ap 163 - Proj. Û4.3m
306ap 200 - Proj. Û4m
307ap 200 - Proj. Û4m
308ap 200 - Proj. Û4m
309ap 200 - Proj. Û4m
310ap 200 - Proj. Û4m
TOTAL 1,600 437 ~Û7.71 bn

Scorpion 25mm gun model design schematics
Technical specifications:

Length:   5.26 m
Width:   2.82 m
Hull height:   2.0 m
Overall height:   2.69 m
Track-on-ground:   2.68 m
Ground clearance:   0.43 m
Combat weight:   12.93 tonnes
Gnd pressure:   0.63 kg/cm²
Max. trench:   1.8 m
Vert. obstacle:   0.73 m
Vert. gradient:   60%
Side-slope:   30%
Power and Speed:
Power:   224 kW
Power ratio:   17.3 kW/tonne
Accel.:   0-48 km/h in 21 sec
Max. Speed (fwd):   65 km/h
Max. Speed (rvs):   11 km/h
Max. Speed (swim):   6 km/h
Gears:   4 fwd, 1 reverse
Range (roads):   490 km
Fuel tank:   416 lt Diesel
Consumption:   85 lt/100km
Crew and systems:
Crew:   Driver; Gunner; Commander
Capacity:   8 + 3 crew
Smoke grenades:   12 ready
Possible armaments:
81 mm mortar,
120 mm recoiling mortar,
25 mm gun
7.62 mm machine gun
Anti-tank missile system,
Anti-aircraft missile system
Anti-aircraft gun system
incl. armoured ambulance, armoured repair and recovery vehicle, armoured troop/logistics carrier, armoured command and communications vehicle.
Armour:   14.5 mm round from 500 m
Air conditioning:   optional
The first order of 400 Scorpion APCs largely manufactured in the Greater Zartanian Empire was costed for 1.4 billion Zartanian Crowns, an average of Û7 million each. Since then, manufacturing facilities have been moved to Utania, and costs are expected to be reduced. UMAC is applying best practises to reduce the per unit cost to Û4 million.
This design is entirely borrowed from the Turkish AAPC, with a few minor modifications, in case anyone was thinking of poaching me to commence a career in APC design engineering.  ;-)