Silovsky S-92 Project

The construction of a multi-purpose helicopter for all services.
The Silovsky S-92 multi-purpose helicopter was first developed by engineers of the Gronkian Empire, but with the collapse of that regime, the plans and manufacturing plant fell into the capable hands of the government of Ansonia. With assistance from UMAC aeronautical engineers, the Ansonian government commenced manufacture of the helicopters for domestic needs, and Utania's UMAC became a partner manufacturer.
Small general purpose helicopters have a wide variety of uses, from the transport- ation of troops to a battlefield, or picking up the wounded, to movement of supplies.
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The silovsky S-92 is an Ansonian owned designed being built under contract in Utania for the domestic, and ultimately international, market. It is the long-term replacement for all Utanian general purpose helicopters.

Upon independence, Utanian military authorities recognised early that the country's fleet of 18 army, 16 Navy and 10 air-force general purpose helicopters were becoming increasingly expensive to maintain owing to their old and varying ages, differing models, and therefore wide variety of parts and expertise required to keep them maintained. In addition, more vehicles would be required in the longer-term.

The silovsky S-92s have been deployed to the Coast Guard Simultaneously, the government of Ansonia, a republic newly independent from Northern Gronk had several Silovsky helicopter factories in its possession. Therefore, an agreement was forged in March 301ap between the Ansonian and Utanian governments that Utanian engineers from UMAC, with expertise from the Firecat project, would assist with re-energising the Silovsky factories. In exchange, Utania would replicate the Silovsky factories in Utania.

An initial order of five Silovsky S-92 helicopters were purchased from the Ansonian factory, before Utania began domestic production.

However, in 301ap, in a historic agreement with the Zartanian Government, several helicopter designs were produced, with fifty general purpose helicopters built. The TH-1 with a larger capacity, higher-power, and greater range has since become the standard military transportation helicopter. This means orders of the Silovsky s-92 have declined, with the Utanian Coast Guard the primary buyer for search and rescue missions, alongside some private purchases.

The Silovsky S-92 remains a key component of the Utanian military, providing a smaller aircraft for a wide variety of missions. The Silovsky has helped to replace the aging fleet of varied aircraft in the Utanian military.

A C1 million "royalty" is to be paid to the Ansonian government for each Silovsky manufactured in Utania for export.

Year Target Compl. Cost ea.
301ap 5 5 Û25m *
* Ansonian supplier; Hence, UMAC supplies
302ap 10 10 Û15m
303ap 15 15 Û15m
304ap 10 10 Û12m
305ap 10 # - est. Û10m
306ap 5 # - Proj. Û10m
# Four in total for private, domestic buyers
TOTAL 51 + 4 40 ~Û770 m
Incl. Û60m in private domestic sales
Technical specifications:

Length:   19.5 m
Width:   3.86 m
Height:   4.97 m
Cabin:   6.15 x 1.8 x 1.45 m
Main rotor diameter:   16.2 m
Rear rotor diameter:   3.15 m
Power and Speed:
Cruising Speed:   273 km/h
Maximum Speed:   327 km/h
Range (standard):   796 km
Range (enhanced):   1176 km
Endurance:   4 hrs 20 min
Crew and systems:
Crew:   Pilot; co-pilot; gunners as required
Armaments:   none, but 7.62 mm machine guns can be mounted out each side portal
Countermeasures:   None standard.
The initial cost of the Silovsky S-92s as purchased from the Ansonian government was Û125 million for five, however this far-exceeded manufacture costs, and a figure closer to Û10 million was considered long-term normal, though excludes factory establishment costs for UMAC, which were fully covered by the Utanian government.
This design is entirely borrowed from the UK Sea-King Helicopters, with a few minor modifications, in case anyone was thinking of poaching me to commence a career in aircraft design engineering.  ;-)