M1 Tank Maintenance

The M1 Main battle tank is the Zartanian Empire's answer to tank warfare: powerful 120mm guns mounted on 57.2 tonnes of armour on a powerful 1,185 kW engine.
The UMAC does not manufacture these vehicles, but provides the maintenance and parts for the country's one hundred tanks.
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The M1 Main Battle Tank is Vexillium's most powerful land-based assault vehicle designed to add heavy anti-tank and mobile artillery power to a mechanized infantry force.

Utania's M1 Tank is an entirely Zartanian design and build. Utania's UMAC is only a parts supplier and maintainer of the vehicles for the Utanian Army.

M1 tank with 120mm cannon The M1 Tank's main weapon is a 120 mm cannon, plus a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, and a 12.7mm and 7.62mm mounted machine guns for two crew members. With a crew of four, the tank is equipped with 360° vision between six periscopes and visual systems, and has heavy armour, particularly weighted to the front.

Though weighing in at just over 57 tonnes, the tracks distribute that weight to less than a kilogram per square centimetre (13.8 PSI). With 20.7 kW per tonne of engine power, 20% more than the Utanian Scorpions, the M1 tank can accelerate to 32 km/h from stationary in just 7 seconds. Combined with a top (road) speed of 68 km/h, slightly faster than the Scorpions, the M1 tank has very good acceleration and speed characteristics for its class of vehicle.

The M1 has an off-road speed of 48 km/h, can cross metre-long trenches and overcome 2.74 metre vertical obstacles, and maintain a speed of 6.6 km/h on a 60% uphill slope.

The Utanian government purchased one hundred of these tanks to be the centrepiece vehicles of its 6th armoured division, plus as lead vehicles in both the 1st and 7th Heavy (mechanised) Infantry divisions. Supporting these tanks are Scorpion configurations as light tanks and infantry support vehicles, as well as 31 old medium tanks inherited from the Guwimithian Empire.

The Utanian government ordered 100 M1 Tanks at a cost of Û860 million, and UMAC continues to support the maintenance of these vehicles

Zartanian M1 schematics
Technical specifications:

Length (body):   7.92 m
Length (+gun):   9.77 m
Width:   3.48 m
Hull height:   2.18 m
Overall height:   2.88 m
Ground clearance:   0.48 m
Combat weight:   57.2 tonnes
Gnd pressure:   0.97 kg/cm²
Max. trench:   1.07 m
Vert. obstacle:   2.74 m
Power and Speed:
Power:   1,185 kW
Power ratio:   20.7 kW/tonne
Accel.:   0-32 km/h in 7 sec
Max. Speed:   68 km/h
Speed (off-road):   48 km/h
Gears:   4 fwd, 2 reverse
Range (roads):   443 km
Crew and systems:
Crew:   4; Driver, gunner, loader & commander
Smoke grenades:   12 ready
120 mm cannon,
12.7 mm Commander's gun
7.62 mm loader's gun
7.62 mm coaxial gun
The first order of 100 M1 Tanks, manufactured in the Greater Zartanian Empire, cost the Utanian government 430 million Zartanian Crowns, an average of Û8.6 million each. There are no plans to manufacture these in Utania as long as the Empire remains a dependable supplier.
This design is entirely borrowed from the US M1A1 tank, with a few minor modifications, in case anyone was thinking of poaching me to commence a career in tank design engineering.  ;-)