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Late April 300

President Hope signals Education reform

Economic Growth set to top 7% - UNV Analysts

UAP, May 2nd
President Hope has signaled his intention to bring education under Federal Government responsibility, then reform the department "significantly".

In a speech to the Civil Democratic League, a conservative think-tank, President Hope made his intentions clear that reform for education was high on his agenda.
Warmly received at the fund-raiser dinner, the statement was then derided by the opposition in Parliament as a "power grab" of the worst extent. Tony Edgemont MP, Liberal Party leader, called the speech "inflammatory" at best, and "dictatorial" at worst.
"President Hope is assuming power to do this or that without consultation, overriding years of education development", he said.
Hope denied that it was an attempt to win voters to the conservative government which faces the electorate by August, using inadequate education policy and funding by states to push for federal intervention and take over.

Kemp wows crowds

UAP, April 28th
Eliza Kemp stunned crowds recently with her performance in the Michael Araeto play 'Engagement', calling for the young Utani-ar-Kusu aboriginal to be accepted into Actors league, from which she was banned in 296.

Miss Kemp played with conviction the young nurse, Philippa J'uen, martyred by Guwimith Secret Police in 277 for saving the lives of insurgents captured by the Army. J'uen was arrested, tried for treason and executed by a kangaroo court when she was found to have saved the lives of thirteen Utani-Ramal rebels who were prisoners badly wounded by Army soldiers. The Army believed she had "shown compassion" where it was unwarranted, and executed.
While the young Miss Kemp played from the heart, herself from the same tribe as the rebel insurgents, she also played with a conviction and dramatic poise unparalleled by any young actor of this age, said Mr Araeto. He believes that she has served her sentence away from the Actors League and should be readmitted.
Miss Kemp was ejected from the league for "moral reasons", citing her numerous affairs with other male actors, but the real reason is for her criticism of the League's "slavish support" for the provincial Guwimith government of the day.
UAP, April 29th
Heavy Investment pick-up has improved the economy significantly over the past nine months, claims UNV analysts.

In a monthly briefing, the UNV's Professor Edwards stated that economic growth could boom to over 7% for 299-300 due to "better than average" investor confidence in the economy. He cited examples of significant investment into new manufacturing and technology industries, such as I.T., Military Engineering, and Automotive manufacture. The finance industry has also received a 23% growth boost in the past nine months, which Professor Edwards attributes to domestic investor confidence.
"This boom has not yet translated into hyper-inflation or any of the other evils of good economic growth", he said, "but there is still need for wage restraint before we can claim to see the end of those days."
Professor Edwards attributed the deregulatory policies of the Conservative government and President Hope for much of the growth, breaking his political independence.

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