UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: May 29, 300 AP.

Utanian President agrees with FRW/EZ occupation of Guwimith

In an interview televised on Utanian television, the provisional President of Utania, Edward Hope, said that he agreed with the occupation in April/May 299 of Guwimith by forces of the Federal Republic of Whitlam and Eastern Zartania, and that given the same scenario would himself violate another sovereign nation's territory to protect Utanian citizens.

The President gave a candid interview on a wide range of topics, but when asked about the events of March-April last year stated that he strongly disagreed with the destruction of the oil pipeline and platforms by isolationist rebels that triggered the collapse of the Guwimith confederacy, and strongly supported the actions of Whitlam and Eastern Zartania in their subsequent forceful occupation of Guwimith. He went on to say that the occupation was to "stabilise the disintegrating nation".

The President then added that were Utanian citizens in the same position, he would "seriously consider" an incursion into a foreign nation to rescue them.

In the interview, this was clearly a topic that the President was uncomfortable with, raising the possibility that his own Government or the population of Utania might have different views.

President Hope is provisional president of the United Democratic Republic of Utania until parliamentary elections in August, and then faces presidential elections next year.

The full text of the interview can be found here.

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