UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 12th, 300 AP.

Utania cautiously condemns Ordland coup

Utania's President Hope and the parliament have condemned the military
coup in Ordland with some reservations. A coup on Sunday by forces of the
military has arrested and imprisoned the parliament, and appears certain to
be reinstating the Ordland monarchy. President Hope responded by saying
that democracy had been "subverted" and this could not be tolerated.
However, he tempered this message with a caution, saying that it was too
early to see the real intention of the military.

Parliament voted 139-35 in favour of condemning the Ordland coup, but
several of the stronger clauses had been removed. Peter Campbells, deputy
leader of the Cruis Democrats, said that parliament felt that too strong a
condemnation may be unwarranted until the "objectives of the coup were

Utania did not have diplomatic relations with the Republic of Ordland
government, but Dr White, President Hope's Director of Diplomatic
Relations, stated that it "was not out of the question to establish
diplomatic relations" with the military government.

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