UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 23, 300 AP.

"Killer flu" sweeps Utania

Utania is in the grip of a virulent influenza strain that has, to date, claimed 83 lives. Medical experts, however, claim the death toll could be much higher than official statistics state due to poor analysis of cause of death in the more remote areas of the country, such as Savana and western Utani B'Yan.

Thousands accross the country have been struck down by the worst influenza epidemic in Utania since the late 270's, and the Department of Health has estimated that over three million sick days have been taken due to this strain, which has resulted in an estimated 8,000 cases of pneumonia nationwide.

The cold weather is mostly to blame, with Utania experiencing its worst winter in twenty years. Temperatures are ten degrees below normal winter lows in some areas of the country, and the cold snap has left farmers working in unusually cold temperatures. Snowfalls are the highest in the state of Savana since the winter of 277 prompting some experts to predict flooding in some regions down river in Nystonia and Lasanne in coming months.

The opposition parties in parliament has slammed the President's poor health policy as a contributing factor, citing the lack of free antibiotics for poorer Utanians who have suffered worst, and demanded that additional funding be provided in coming years.

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