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Nation's first political poll predicts Hope's out!

The question on the lips of political commentators this morning is whether President Hope and Prime Minister Kemp can pull their flagging coalition out of electoral defeat by the end of August?

The nation's first political poll was conducted within hours of the Presidential decree making them legal again, by the respectable Luka Herald newspaper. The results were published in this morning's Herald, and they project a five seat majority coalition government of the People's, Utan-Saedaj and Republican Parties, which would end the dreams of the current caretaker government, and ending President Hope's dream of leading the country in the first few formative years.

The poll was based on 50 voters from each electorate, and the results projected to a national consensus figure as well as which parties would win which electorates. Luka Herald Political Editor Laurie Knowles admits that the poll is statistically flawed. "There is a good +/-5% in these figures, and we clearly acknowledge that in our race to be first, certain corners have been cut, and the aggregate figure would be the only one with true merit. But the result is an interesting poll of sentiment in the electorates, and we feel the picture is clearly portrayed, if not in detail."

In addition, the Nationalist, Utanian Burovian Movement, Democratic Socialist and Free Green Collective parties have not been included in the polling.

No major Political party has yet commented, except Kyle Langley, leader of the Liberal Nationalist Party, which scored zero seats in the poll, who dismissed the poll as a "sham", and said that party polling had shown tat the party enjoyed a healthy 10% vote, not the mere 3% stated by the poll.

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Luka Herald Newspaper June Poll

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