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Release: August 3, 300 AP.

President parades golfing victories

President Hope, at an official campaign luncheon in Shecker, had a not-too-subtle jest at the opposition parties that had slammed his sponsorship of three golfers in early June, by pointing out that none of the three would require assistance anymore, and all three had offered to repay the President's initial grants.

Their success has raised the profile of golf within Utania, though still only on the east coast, and President Hope was only too happy to bask in their reflected glory. "It heartens me to see these men succeed, when there was so many powerful and so-called 'people-centred' politicians ready to tear them down and would have refused them that start they needed to be the great successes they are now", said Mr Hope in an after-lunch speech. "I wonder aloud for all of you to hear, 'are these the men you want running this great country?' " The applause was rapturous.

The three golfers, Goran Rannatosu, George Pennenton and Amea Aretasuna are placed 165th, 77th and 56th in terms of the IGT order of merit and professional earnings, and have earnt a combined Û1.78 million (ChC 594th) since May. They are expected to help headline the forthcoming IGT Utanian Golf Open, announced on June 6th.

President Hope's Conservative party has been slowly eeking back some of the losses of the past few weeks, as the President this week ended a four-day tour of Utani B'yan, and promised to return. Though polls have not been conducted in over a week, they still showed his party and coalition government several points behind the combined PPP-USP coalition vote.

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