UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: August 3rd, 300 AP.

Langley tirades against poor defences

Liberal Nationalist Party leader, Kyle Langley, has railed hard against the President's "apparent uninterest in the defense of this great nation" in an emotion charged speech to party faithful in Vela Luka.

"We have a mere 96 armoured personnel carriers, enough for a single battalion, and with this "pathetic" effort, the President intends to defend the entire of Utania against a mobile, professional force like that of Armatirion?" Langley screamed at his audience, to a chorus of nays and other disgusted noises. "I say we buy now, or we pay later!"

The slogans and the military issue are becoming popular amongst conservative voters in Nystonia, in particular, where the LNP are gaining votes almost by the hour. Voters in Utani B'yan are also flocking to the LNP, particularly in the east, where large pockets of non-Utani Uta-Decashi fear a Conservative-lead government would "sell the farm".

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