UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: August 4th, 300 AP.

LNP spokesman continues the onslaught

From the Utani B'yan city of Mulgrave, deep in wealthy Uta-Decashi farming land, the Finance and Economics spokesman for the LNP, and former Nystonian deputy-Governor, Philip Taglan, lam basted the President for failure to compensate for the poor number of warships protecting Utania's shores.

"We have a mere 74 combat ships in total, half of which are small patrol vessels, and they are expected to be protecting some 3000 km of coast, as well as Utania's territorial rights at sea, and our shipping? That's roughly one patrol ship patrolling 100 km, and the rest stretched beyond their means patrolling our waters", he said. "We need at least double that number, and under a Liberal Nationalist lead government, you would GET that number!" This was greeted with applause.

"Our security cannot be compromised on!" Further applause.

However, the core message of Mr Taglan, that had most farmers interested was the party's economic development and fiscal plan. Mr Taglan outlined that a LNP-lead government would ensure that "Utanian companies remain Utanian", that the Belson corporation would pay better for crops, instead of pocketing the profits itself, and would spend money on "Developing the future industries for rural and semi-rural Utania, NOT just in Luka and Utan Krysasror!"

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