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Release: August 6, 300 AP.

Utania's Langley makes international headlines!

Kyle Langley's recent speeches about the poor state of Utanian defenses have reached international attention and newspapers, worried about the "warmongering" in Utania.

Two days ago, the Prime Minister of Christiana, John Joseph PM, released a statement regarding "certain groups" within Utania that wished to enter Utania in an "arms race", and warned that such actions would have no benefit, instead driving "resources from the reduction of human suffering", and create international tension.

This was followed by a statement from Rijnheld Kenigsthral, the Altlandic Chancellor for Diplomatic Relations, a nation within the Ptica sea region which would be affected by an arms race instigated by Utania. Mr Kenigsthral dismissed Armatirion as a threat to Utanian security, as the Christianan Prime Minister had done, and stated that the Kingdom of Altland had no interest in a regional arms race.

Furthermore, some international newspapers gave the story front page attention, raising questions about Utania's intentions. One editorial stated that Utania "clearly gave voice to militarists and antagonistic men", and wondered what the consequences for the region would be if Utania commenced "significant rearming".

Mr Langley appeared delighted with the international profile, which has, in turn, raised his profile at home. "At last, the issue is being treated seriously. I'm glad about this." He was also unconcerned about Utania's reputation abroad.

"Utania must stand firm on the matter of our own defenses. We must stand defiantly in the face of world criticism, if necessary, because this issue is about our national integrity, our ability to look other nations in the eye and have their automatic respect" Mr Langley said. "We must not allow the fools to convince us that by disarming we can protect ourselves. Nor should we be fooled by heavily armed nations that feign peaceful attitudes. No, we must maintain the right to self-defense, and let no criticism take that from us."

Mr Langley then added his electioneering: "Now I wonder whether we shall see Mr Hope stand so defiantly for Utania's sake?"

President Hope condemned Mr Langley's words as foolish and possibly damaging, but conceded that he also regarded Utania's military position "inadequate". George Okarvits, leader of the main opposition Peoples Party, was far less conciliatory, and far more forthright about Mr Langley's comments:

"Mr Langley is now sullying the reputation of Utania abroad, and appears set to stop at nothing to gain the attention he both craves and needs to pull his miserable little party from the cesspool of the politics of fear", said Mr Okarvits, whose own Peoples Party have rejected any need for further substantial arms buying. "Utania has no enemies in these seas, and no war to be fought on land. There are far too many problems to be faced at home for us to be concerned with mere defense issues."

Utania is reliant upon overseas aid for her future development, said Mr Okarvits, and "Utania's reputation being turned into that of an aggressive war-making nation should be of enormous concern to President Hope. Perhaps he is not so far from Mr Langley as he suggests."

Dr David Kapur, the nation's foremost political scientist, says that President Hope is concerned, but may be dependent upon the Liberal Nationalists to win power after the election.

"The price for this power, however, may be higher than he is willing to admit."

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