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Release: August 7th, 300 AP.

Utanian Burovian Movement launches its campaign.

The international Burovian movement has arrived on Utanian shores! In a major fundraiser on Sunday evening, the party declared its campaign would now begin to "win the hearts and minds of Utanians to a path toward economic prosperity and peace."

Party Secretary, Naahi Bennett, spoke briefly about the election campaign ahead. The party's slogan "For the Future" was accompanied by some impressive television advertisements shown to the party faithful gathered in the Luka hall. The advertisements focused on the Utania of tomorrow, showing footage of a futuristic Luka, and had people telling of crime reduction, prosperity, development and peace.

Mr Bennett explained that he would be running as well as leading the campaign until the party's internal structure and positions were finalised. He also explained that advertisements would be running regularly on television from now on, becoming more intensive toward the poll date.

"The Utanian Burovian Movement is Utania's best chance to develop and grow. We will develop trade and economic links to nations around the world, and focus our attention on developing the less developed regions in Utania, while maintaining a balance with the spiritual and cultural needs of the people there."

Mr Bennett also added as an afterword: "I might also add an unscripted comment for the benefit of the assembled media; Mr Langley's recent comments regarding Utania's supposed 'need' for heavy rearming should be treated with the utter contempt and disdain they are worth. He is using the politics of fear to incite votes for the LNP, and it is high time that the President made clear that this was not the position of Utania as a whole. The UBM would aim to reduce the military needs of the nation by diplomaticly enforcing our neutrality, which would save lives by channelling monies to hospitals or economic development."

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