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Kapur poll projects USP-PPP win, as LNP rise

The latest political poll shows the Utan-Sædaj and Peoples Parties would have won the election, but by a wafer-thin six seat majority, and that the Liberal Nationalists have stolen nine seats from the Democrats, Cruisian-Democrats and Conservatives with their campaign on defence issues.

The Kapur poll, published in this week's Zeitgeist magazine, shows the USP-PPP coalition would have won 73 of the 140 seats in parliament, based on a combined 36% support from voters. The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat-Democrat coalition won 35% of the vote, yet only 54 virtual seats, highlighting the sensitivity of the Utanian electoral system. The Liberal Nationalists won 7% of the vote yet would have won 9 seats, proportionally the same.

Utanian Electoral analyst from Luka university, David Young, said that while the Utanian electoral system did have "a slice" of proportional representation, it was heavily weighted toward electorates. "If one party wins 40% of the vote, they will sweep their way to victory, without a doubt. But, having fifteen parties with a combined 40% of the vote may not even be represented", he said. "We will find over the next ten years a combining of parties, assuming the electoral system doesn't change, to boost their combined chances of wins, and this should even out and add stability to the parliament. The unfortunate consequence is that parties outside these combined parties will find themselves unrepresented, and may die out."

The poll is available online from:
New poll signals LNP rise

The Utanian Electoral System is available online from:Understanding the Utanian voting system

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