UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: August 15, 300 AP.

Utanian capital in lockdown

In an unusual development in this electoral campaign, the President took the unusual step of putting the Presidential Complex in "Lock Down" mode, preventing all journalists from entering the Capital Complex and swearing all civil servants to silence.

Speculation in Utan Krysaror is rampant, with many speculating that the President will, this week, make a significant announcement regarding future policy of his Conservative Party administration. By locking down the Presidential Complex, the President will ensure there is no leak of details of his policy. The President's Press Agent has released a statement saying formal announcements would be made later this week.

All Cabinet members are within the Presidential Complex, and the Office of the President was said to be the most busy, indicating a major policy launch. In addition, the Defence department is also said to be busy, indicating that the policy launch will include significant announcements regarding the future defence of the nation.

Fred Durst of the Utanian Press Agency was within the complex at the time the lockdown was announced, at 6am Monday morning. "Presidential Guards walked into our (UPA) offices, where only George Sempaya and I were at this time, and announced that the President had authorised them to temporarily evict all press agents from the Complex. I consider it a most unusual move, but not impossible to believe of President Hope."

The Presidential Guard are an 8,000-strong military police force assigned to protecting the President and his agents, the Presidential Complex and Parliamentary agents and diplomats.

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