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Release: August 15, 300 AP.

Capital lock-down prompts Christiana criticism

The Prime Minister of Christiana, Mr John Joseph PM, made an official and public complaint to the Utanian government over the "Lock-down" of the Utanian Presidential Complex.

In a strongly worded statement, the Prime Minister said that the Christiana government was "extremely concerned" by the lock-down, and urged the Utanian government to reconsider the controversial move. He continued by saying that two journalists from Christiana were "poorly treated" and "forced to leave the capital in Utania". The Prime Minister went on to state that this would "bring nothing good to the people of Utania, and threatens world trade and peace".

President Hope, from a political rally in B'yantusu, said that he was disturbed that such a simple operation could have yielded such a strong response, but emphasised that there would be an investigation, having despatched Dr Eloi White, his Diplomatic Relations Director to both investigate and placate the Christianan government about the Lock-down.

"A lock-down applies only to the Presidential Complex, as you know, an area 2 kilometres by 1.5 kilometres", Mr Hope told journalists at the rally. "I suspect that the journalists evicted have misreported the facts to the Christianan government, prompting fears that the entire of Utan Krysaror was under martial law, something which is definitely NOT the case."

"I have asked Dr White to investigate the claims made by the foreign journalists in question, and if there has been any mistreatment, it will be revealed. However, he will also be sending diplomatic representation to Christiana to report the facts." President Hope then said that this was a clear reason for "an embassy from Christiana being needed here." Dr White will also request this of the Christianan Prime Minister.

However, still no reason has been provided for the Lock-down, and the President will be returning to the capital tomorrow (Wednesday), remaining tight-lipped about the announcement that the country is eagerly anticipating. Some are claiming that the announcement will be made on Friday morning, but no official confirmation is available.

From Parliament, the Liberal Nationalist Party leader, Kyle Langley, continued with his outspoken reputation, making several unfavourable comments about "foreign governments interfering with this sovereign nation's business". While the government benches rolled their eyes, the Opposition continued their attack on the LNP's "apparent anti-foreigner stance".

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