UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: August 17, 300 AP.

Warships leave Agraam port

Yesterday evening at about midnight several warships departed from Utania's Agraam naval port after a day of significant military movement within and around the base for the nation's first Military training exercise, Operation Deftsword.

Lead by the massive battleship UDK Krysaror, Utania's naval flagship, the flotilla set sail for destination unknown for what military observers are calling Utania's first military training exercise. The exercise is known, from soldiers involved, as Operation Deftsword, and not event the soldiers involved knew the purpose or nature of the exercise.

According to observers in the area about the Agraam naval base, patrols about the base perimeter have tripled in the past three days, as several dozen military trucks arrived at the base ferrying in troops and supplies and loaded them aboard two Utanian Troop Transport ships. Also arriving were at least one dozen Infantry support vehicles, such as Armoured vehicles and Utanian-built AMAVs.

At least thirteen small to medium-sized warships departed from Agraam port, including the UDK Krysaror, two destroyers, two frigates and eight gunboats or missile boats, plus the two military transports and a supply ship. Reports from other bases indicate that several warships departed Utan Krysaror earlier on Wednesday, also, but whether they are also involved in the military exercise is unknown. At least ten Firecat jets have been noted flying out to sea as well, but no military spokesman would report anything more than a military exercise was being performed.

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