UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 4, 300 AP.

President announces election date

After two months of speculation, President Hope has finally announced a date for the 300 AP Utanian parliamentary election: September 30. Polls will be available from 10am on September 28th, to allow for outlying and remote regions of the country, but will close at 5pm on Saturday, September 30th.

President Hope's decision is little more than a rubber stamp on a Prime Ministerial decision, itself little more than the last possible date the election can be held, based on an agreement with the UNVCOCN in early August. A spokeswoman for the Utanian Electoral Commission said that the UEC was ready to perform its duty to ensure fair and equitable elections at month's end, and welcomed the UNV monitoring presence.

At the last Kapur-Zeitgeist poll, the Peoples party-lead coalition with the Utan-Saedaj ("Utani Betterment") party would hold 72 of the 140 seats in a new parliament, with at least five allied MP's in left-wing parties.

The virtual parliament from Kapur-Zeitgeist Sept 4 poll

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