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Release: September 6, 300 AP.

Savaj Emperor and Chiefs declare their votes

Vote transfer has proven extremely popular in this election, providing a boost, primarily for the Utani-Sædaj Party. Vote transfer allows voters to defer their vote to their chosen proxy, invariably their tribal chief or the Savaj Emperor himself. Until now, the votes transferred have been building to over 1.6 million votes in Savana alone, but no indication has been given as to how the recipients would vote. The final date for registering their intended vote is September 15.

Link to Zeitgeist magazine article on vote transfers.

Today, despite lobbying from both the Peoples and Utani Progressive parties, the Savaj Emperor declared that he would vote for the pro-royalist Utani-Sædaj Party (USP). He has, to date, been the recipient of some 250,000 proxy votes in Navoomi electorate, which will all-but ensure the USP win all three seats in that electorate.

The second largest recipient of transferred votes is Chief Otu Kopeh of Virana, who has received 245,000 and also today declared his allegiance to the USP. Chief Oraje of Savaj electorate has received 84,000 proxy votes and followed his Emperor's vote, voting USP.

Chief Amea Ajama, who has received 42,000 proxy votes in Navoomi electorate has re-declared his intention to support James Angorit's Progressive Party, and is encouraging the remaining thirteen undeclared proxies in Savana state to do likewise.

In Utani B'yan state the vote transfers have reached a peak of 1.1 million voters, but no declarations have yet been received. Nationwide there has been 23 recipients of large volumes of votes, and another 1,143 people who have received fewer than ten proxy votes.

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