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Auranj Manufacturing stock soars

A new advertising campaign has commenced by medium-sized manufacturing company Auranj Manufacturing today, with the company seeking to significantly expand its market share in Utania. This comes just as the company's share price has soared to Û20.55 in early morning trading.

The advertisements will appear in print and on the internet, and focus on the company's new manufacturing capability and its reputation for quality manufacturing. The company recently purchased Û60 million in computerised manufacturing machines mostly from the Federal Republic of Whitlam from the proceeds of its recent Û85 million share issue. The advertisements also feature, for the first time, the company's new branding for marketing purposes.

Auranj Manufacturing initially floated as a fifteen million share company in 297, with five million shares being made available to the public at Û0.60. Another five million shares were owned by Lord Krysargy, cousin of the Guwimith Tsar, and five million more were owned by the founder and Managing Director Richard Auranj.

As the company secured more and more deals with overseas companies, particularly in the past two years, the share price had risen to Û8.00. The company publicly offered another ten million shares at Û8.50 last year to finance substantial modernisation and expansion of the company, while Lord Krysargy's five million shares were surrendered to the Utanian government.

The company's share price soared recently after the company secured a deal with Payton Electric, Utania's largest electrical goods manufacturer, worth over Û70 million. But Managing Director Richard Auranj has warned investors not to "get too over-excited by the company's success". The company currently has a capitalisation of almost Û514 million, and thus an estimated P/E ratio of 29.4.

Auranj Manufacturing employs over 1,800 people, has sales of an estimated Û150 million this year, and estimates a profit of Û17.5 million with a dividend issue of Û0.50 per share, or currently a 2.43% return. It is the current stock exchange "Hot Stock".

Companies wishing to contact the manufacturer for manufacturing alliances or regarding future share issues, can contact the company secretary on +151 31 734 0218 or company_secretary@Auranj.com.ut.

(NB; ChC1.00 = Û3.00)

Auranj Manufacturing goes for advertising

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